10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

  • By - Meghan Fialkoff
  • 31 December, 2020

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I think it is safe to say we are at an age where things such as kitchen gadgets excite us and I’m not ashamed to say it. There are so many kitchen gadgets out there aside from the everyday can opener or garlic press that I never knew I needed. There is a gadget for every cooking task you could think of just waiting for us to get our hands on it. I mean who knew there a was a gadget that will peel a boiled egg for you? Any product that is going to make my life a tad bit easier is a product I want. Amazon, as we know, has any possible thing we could ever think of which is why I rounded up 10 kitchen gadgets available to purchase on Amazon right now and they’re all under $30! The sooner you snag them, the sooner your time in the kitchen will be 10x easier.


Egg Peeler 

This little gadget peels and separates your boiled egg from its shell.   



 Avocado Prep Tool

In 3 steps you will have the perfectly peeled avocado, because we know it’s not always that simple.   



Strain Tool

Clip this little gadget right on whatever pot you’re using and strain away!   



Apple Corer

Now you can eat the entire apple! That is, right after you use this handy gadget to core it.   


Can Strainer

Such a simple gadget, but such a big help. 



Egg Separator

No more separating egg whites from egg yolks and losing half the contents!   



Defrosting Tray

Save time and healthily defrost your meat with this helpful gadget.   



Butter Spreader

Easily spread butter that is not so soft.   


Spill Stopper

This tool is super helpful, hassle free, and saves you from a mess to clean up.   



Small Fruit Cutter

Easily and perfectly cut smaller produce such as grape tomatoes and grapes without having them run away! 



There you have it! You are one step closer to making life in the kitchen a little easier.





Photo Credit: Amazon.com