5 Ways to spice your romantic relationship

5 Ways to spice your romantic relationship

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 18 January, 2021

Imagine you are just coming back from work and you see your significant other sitting on the couch watching a new Netflix series. They tell you that dinner is on the table if you are hungry. You start to feel quite nostalgic about the past when they would greet you with a kiss when you came home or tell you with a sly smirk, “Get ready, we’re going out.” Those were the good times and you miss them. You have been feeling that your relationship no longer has that flame or it just has become dull. You feel that you are no longer being appreciated, or maybe you are the one on the couch and are not appreciating your significant other. Do not worry because every relationship hits that dull time in which you may feel unappreciated. No matter how long you have been in this relationship, there are ways to spice up your relationship once again. 

Here are 5 ways to spice your romantic relationship:

1. Date Nights

Date nights are perfect for spending quality time with your significant other. These could be scheduled, or honestly – you can do it on a whim! Some couples like to choose one night a week; let’s say every Tuesday would be considered date night or every month there would be three times that you and your significant other would spend quality time together. Date nights should not feel obligate, but something that you both would be able to commit to. Date nights do not necessarily mean that it needs to be some grand date. You could just choose to stay in, especially considering our current situations, in which you happily play a board game and drink a glass of your favorite wine. 

2. Communicate with each other

Sometimes we have gotten so used to our routine that we just forget to sit down and simply ask, “Hey love, how was your day?” Communication is key to any relationship. Communication really is the only way to discuss key things in your relationship that you may want to improve on or to talk about things that really aren’t going well. It does not always have to be a long deep talk, but caring about the other person and seeing how they are doing, any wins they had at work, etc. shows you still love them and want to know how they are doing in life! Asking about the other person and vice versa definitely gives you the feeling that you are still loved and that your partner really does care about you. Sometimes we do need a little reassurance! 

3. Surprise one another

Remember those times when you would surprise your significant other? Bringing home flowers (and don’t deny how giddy you felt on your way home and how much you could not wait to see their surprised reaction and perhaps gasp!)? Preparing a surprise gourmet dinner? Well, see how good you feel just reminiscing about this? Okay, you got it now --  try to bring these gestures, and thus feelings and emotions back into the relationship. These types of actions could be small gestures like surprising them with a foot rub or leaving a random post it on their morning mug saying “Love you Boo” (or whatever your pet name is for your partner).

4. Appreciate each other

Appreciation is very important. You have to understand that in any relationship it takes two to tango. Remember that you and your significant other made the choice to be with each other. Show some appreciation for what they have done for you or what they brought to the relationship. A simple “thank you” or “I love you for what you did for me” means a lot to them. If you aren’t a talker, then show them how much you appreciate them (kisses, hugs, helping them out, cooking, etc. … You got this!) 

5. Take Care of yourself

If you are not taking care of yourself, honestly, it’s that much harder to take care of another person. Try your best to eat right, stay fit and stay as grounded as possible. If you feel upset after a day’s work, go for a walk. Listen to some music. Try to let it out before you come home and face your partner. Remember, you are as important in the relationship as your significant other. Good health definitely can assist in having a positive attitude. 

Try these tips to see if your romantic relationship can gain that flame that you once had. Even if you're a new mom and it may seem completely overwhelming, there’s always a way to get that spark back.