An Interview with Elizabeth Perkins, Founder of Porch Light Decor Co.

An Interview with Elizabeth Perkins, Founder of Porch Light Decor Co.

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 30 January, 2021

Elizabeth Perkins, one of our favorite interior (and exterior) designers, is a wife, mother of two, and owner of Porch Light Decor Co. Even with her busy schedule, she took the time to answer a few of our questions about interior designing and decorating. 

(Photo credit: Elizabeth Perkins)

The Modern Day Wife: How would you make a small space (say, an apartment) appear larger?

Elizabeth Perkins: I would suggest keeping everything light and bright. Make sure to keep the scale and size of the furniture small and I would try not to over accessorize. 

MDW: How would you recommend making a rental feel like a home on a budget?

EP: As with most rentals there are things you cannot change, for example, the wall color and type of flooring. Try to cozy up the space by adding layers and texture. Even if the space has carpeting, you can always add area rugs to define the space and make it your own. Most rentals will have some sort of window treatment usually in the form of blinds; make it your own by adding a rod and drapes in the style that’s all your own. You can add texture to the space in the form of throws and pillows. The best part is all of these items can easily be taken with you, if and when you choose to move.

(Photo credit: Elizabeth Perkins)
MDW: How would you describe your approach to your home interior?
EP: My home is still a work in progress and probably always will be. I can go into someone else’s space and see exactly what it might need, but have a much harder time making those decisions in my own space. I definitely take my time in my own home and if I’m not I love with something and know exactly where it will go I will usually pass on it. I have a very specific color pallet that I stick to all throughout my home so that can definitely help while shopping.
MDW: What is the one item from your house you would save in a fire?
EP: This will probably sound very cliché, but I am not hugely attached to stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I have purses and shoes and really great pieces of jewelry that I love, just like everyone else, but I don’t think I would run into a burning building to go save them. People are definitely more important then items. We are the ones experiencing this life and we don’t need “things” to remember any of it.
(Photo credit: Elizabeth Perkins)
MDW: How can we make our space a sanctuary during quarantine?
EP: This is where my organization side starts to kick in. I have moved more times then I can count, so I have become really good at editing down what I own and this is probably another reason why I am able to stay really organized. For me, I can’t handle clutter or an excess of stuff. If things enter my house and don’t have a home, they will immediately leave my house in the form of a donation or trash. I think if you really want to feel at peace in your home being organized is definitely one way to do it.
(Photo credit: Elizabeth Perkins)
MDW: What are your favorite decorating online stores?
EP: My one major goal when shopping is to try and buy on sale or at least with some sort of discount—even if it’s a “get 15% off for giving my email address” discount, I will take it. For my personal home decor style, Target has some really great home finds for reasonable prices. Kirkland's and Cost Plus World Market are great. Amazon, and, believe it or not, Walmart, are also ones to not overlook. If I am shopping for holiday decor I always go to Joanne Fabrics—it’s my little secret and everyone is always shocked when I say that. I love Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Michaels, too.
You can check out more of Elizabeth's creations via her instagram, @porchlightdecorco.