Fall Nail Colors for Your Next Mani + Pedi

Fall Nail Colors for Your Next Mani + Pedi

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 13 October, 2020

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Photo Credit: Oliveandjune.com

One of the most exciting things I look forward to in the change of seasons is being able to change my nail color palette. After shuffling through a handful of summer colors every two weeks during the summer I get excited for a fresh palette. 

Fall is by far my favorite time for manicures as I love the deep and bold colors. My wardrobe consists of neutral colors so my fall nails pair perfectly. Brands like Olive & June and Essie have got us covered with their fall nail collections perfect for any fall wardrobe. Olive & June even has a fall nail kit called Pumpkin Spice Latte filled with 7 fall colors that will instantly make you crave a PSL. 

Its never easy picking what nail color to get next so I’m providing you with fall nail color trends for inspiration to get you ready for your next mani + pedi. 

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Photo Credit: Essie.com, Ellamila.com, Opi.com, Oliveandjune.com, Amazon.com

Okay, so now you’ve decided on your fall nail color, but do you know what nail shape to go with? Most of us go with the common round or square shape when getting our nails done and don’t put much thought into picking the perfect shape for our nail/finger type. Believe it or not, nail shape makes a difference depending on your type of finger and nail bed. Here’s a guide on picking what shape is right for you- getting you one step closer to the perfect manicure: 

Different Nail Shapes + Which One is Right for You


Photo Credit: Vectorstock.com


Good For: Shorter fingers and nail beds as this shape elongates the nail making it appear longer 



Good For: Narrow nail beds and slim fingers 


Squoval (Square + Oval) 

Good For: All nail/finger types as this is a very flattering, natural looking shape



Good For: Medium to long nails as you need some length for it to be noticeable 



Good For: Wide nail beds as this shape will help them look thinner


Ballerina or Coffin

Good For: Any nail/finger type as this shape must be done using acrylics as the natural nail isn’t strong enough 



Good For: Any nail/finger type as this shape must be done using acrylics as the natural nail isn’t strong enough


Now go ahead and make your mani + pedi appointment and don’t forget your pumpkin spice latte for the perfect “treat yourself day.”