Family Activities That Don't Involve Screen Time

Family Activities That Don't Involve Screen Time

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 18 October, 2021

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

We get it. When you can't think of anything to do on your Saturday off, it's easy to fall back on a movie night or learning TikTok dances with your children. These activities can be fun, but sometimes everyone needs a break from the blue light. We rounded up a variety of activities great for spending quality time with loved ones. So grab the strollers, grab your siblings, or grab those friends you call family and try one of these screen-free activities.

Starting off with something enjoyable for all-ages, every kitchen could use fresh herbs. Take a ride down to a nursery or Home Depot and gather supplies for planting herbs, flowers or vegetables. You can get pots for inside the home and attempt a Pinterest worthy windowsill. Or, if you want a bigger project, this is your sign to start the garden you've been dreaming of. 

If you're a family of animal lovers, pay a visit to your local animal conservation or wildlife learning center. You'll likely have the opportunity to meet wild animals and have a more personalized experience than going to the zoo. These are also great places to volunteer if you're interested in animal rescue and protecting native wildlife.

You don't have to be an artist to attend a paint and sip class. Some locations allow you to buy tickets for specific paintings, while others keep it a surprise. Either way, you're bound to have good laughs and good drinks. Another activity to try if you're looking for good laughs is a yoga class variation. We recommend goat yoga, puppy yoga, or aerial yoga. 

There are also plenty of ways to get off the screen and still spend the day at home. Throw on some music while you make your own pizzas (yes, including the dough), craft tie-dye matching sets, or, if you're feeling lucky, invite people to dress up for an at-home poker night. Whether you play with poker chips or something else in the pot, is up to you.

Additional all-age activities:

- write and perform a play

- take pictures on a disposable camera and make a scrapbook

- beach or park picnic

- rock painting

- find a free outdoor concert

- homemade play dough

- wash the cars in the driveway

- go thrift shopping and pick each others' outfits 


Additional adult activities:

- mixology class

- workout class

- visit a salt cave

- hike to a swimming hole

- spa day

- different types of dance classes


Use these activities as a way to reset, relax and connect with the people who are most important to you.