Get in the Know Recap

Get in the Know Recap

  • By - Meghan Fialkoff
  • 26 December, 2020

December 6th was our Get in The Know Event, which saw us welcoming numerous entrepreneurial super stars. As many of you know, we at the Modern Day provide resources to help you have it all and this is one of the reason why we produce these interactive, information-packed events. Providing events and other digital resources to assist you in being your best, most authentic self, we adhere to the idea and implementation of bringing others with us on this fun journey. If you missed the event, we’re providing you a recap, so read on!


DJ Complex Lex (@djcomplexlex) provided great dance music to set the tone for this event: fresh, fun, and high energy. 

Next was Amanda Horn, brand ambassador for Amarula, showing us how to make a mimosa with coconut water, amarula, and champagne.

Anna Marie Lopez of Apron on the Run then demonstrated how tasty pancakes can be with a topping of ricotta cheese, cookies, and lemon zest. 

Stephanie, from Chambord, gave us a great how-to when making mimosas with orange, pomegranate, and grapefruit juice. She also experimented with raspberry liquor which was super fun to see. 


Heather from Top Hat Kombucha took us through a smoothie making course, using her brand’s Kombucha and mixing in kale, lemon, and ginger to make a nutrient-rich smoothie. She also highlighted how kombucha has so many benefits: probiotics, B vitamins, and less caffeine content than coffee. 


Gail Brunoro from Bevefresco provided amazing content on her products. She had three separate gift baskets from her line, one of which included a “Will you Accept this Rose” candle, a bottle of Spade & Sparrow wine and bath salts, to make for an ultra relaxing gift for the busy women in our lives.

Main Show

Actress and Singer Haylie Duff talked us through her tips on how to deal with the struggle of feeling the need to constantly multitask, even at the disadvantage of sacrificing our own well being. She shared three tips on how to do as much as anyone can. She also shared a lot of wisdom she has gained as a mother.

“Make a list. It works! Make a list. Get them going.” – Haylie Duff

Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked by Melissa, then imparted important advice as she took us on a journey of her business which she built from the ground up to now a multi-milion dollar cupcake store business.

“Who doesn’t love cupcakes?” – Melissa Ben-Ishay

Next, Chelsea spoke with Ashley from Mala Collective who delved into the subjects of serendipity and self-care, and introduced her classes, “I am Enough” and “Be Open to Trust”. 

We next had Tracy Tutor, from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA. She walked us through a summary of her career and what inspires her, as well as timeless advice that has helped her greatly.

For the “You Asked, They Told” segment, Vanessa Grantman & Dr. McGillicudy then shared their wisdom on skincare, sharing three important tips to decrease signs of aging. 

Elena Cardone then came on to offer her advice, and imparted mantras she personally uses to help her succeed. She shared how she, along with the help of her husband and family, is able to help others and stay in a high value mindset.

“Empire is a state of mind.” – Elena Cardone

Brittany and Ryan Ostofe, co-hosts and founders of The Laughing Couple Podcast, appeared and shared timeless, valuable advice to couples everywhere. 

David from Groom Industries was the following speaker; his company provides gentle, well-sourced ingredients for men’s skincare and grooming. You can buy their products at this link


Chara and Vanessa, founders of Oat of The Ordinary were the next vendor to showcase their product, which is a line of ready-made oats with locally sourced and low sugar ingredients, perfect for starting your busy days.

Elsa Vos, founder of Pieces of Me, talked with Meagan to showcase her beautiful collections of earrings and bracelets, inspired by the inner cores of people close to her.

Julie Chen Moonves was our next speaker. She gave a lot of helpful career and personal advice, saying that it’s best to dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. 

“Be humble, and be hungry.” – Julie Chen Moonves

The next segment of “You Asked, They Told” introduced Sarah from Femininity Project. She showed Chelsea and Meagan how to walk in heels, giving a biomechanical overview prior to walking in heels for the camera. 

Up next was a tour of Vivio Flower Gallery, a floral boutique that is located in Vancouver. We found out how to design the perfect bouquet and which flowers were the most on trend for the moment. 


Our wellness sponsors, Daniela and Chris of Touch Massage, shared with us how important a massage can be in one’s self-care routine. They even have a smartphone app to help those in Vancouver to schedule massages!

Award-winning actress Erika Christensen was our next guest speaker. She took us through her favorite things to do to stay healthful and sane as a parent and person. 

“Think big, act small.” – Erika Christensen

Retail Boss’s CEO, Jeanel Alvarado imparted a ton of helpful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Business Brand Executive Donja Gale was our next speaker. She provided inspirational advice on how to discover what it means to empower ourselves, and direct the film that is our life.

“You’re not an imposter.” – Donjia Gale

PR Guru Gloria Chou then shared her tips for gaining more publicity. She also shared information on her master class that is filled with PR-relevant tips to help anyone fast-track their career. 

We’re so grateful to all who attended our event and joined our growing community. It was such a privilege to hear from so many amazing women who are not only so accomplished, but are wiling to share their pearls of wisdom with with the rest of us! Thanks for joining us and we will see you on January 28 at our 2021 “No Limits” digital event.