Gifts For Yourself

Gifts For Yourself

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 29 December, 2021

Gifting for yourself 

Now that we’ve found gifts for our loved ones…we can finally start shopping for ourselves! Believe us when we say that when we go shopping for gifts for others, we end up buying for ourselves, ha. Sometimes, it’s not actual materialism that we want. It’s different this year. We’d love to go on a vacation, but a real one with no cell phone, no social media, the whole gamut. Or, even finally get a couples massage with our partner. Even just spending the morning at a spa sounds heavenly right now. The Modern Day Wife has the list that you need to treat yourself this holiday season. Here goes.

  1. SPA DAY, this is a must. The holiday seasons are already stressful enough with a busy work/life balance. Grab that coffee to go and head to your luxurious spa. Hey grab your partner as well. 
  2. Book us a vacation, anywhere please! As soon as the holidays are over, we are heading for a mini vacation. Why not start the New Year refreshed with a tan and glow?
  3. Head to your local coffee shop and enjoy the solitude and quietness of being in the presence of a coffee shop. Bring your favorite book and block out social media for an hour. 
  4. Take us out to a fancy dinner. Those shoes you’ve been waiting to wear, it's time to bring those babies out! 
  5. Let’s go to the movies. There are some good movies out this year and if you're an action-loving gal, the new Spiderman movie is great!

The holidays are a perfect excuse to also enjoy gifting yourself as well. Even if we’re not asking for actual material things, the list above has ideas to help you relax, take in the moment, slow down for a moment and to celebrate us, women!