Meet IT Woman: Jane Stoller of Organized Jane

Meet IT Woman: Jane Stoller of Organized Jane

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 27 July, 2023

In honor of our "Out Of Office" IT Box, our IT Box Summer Edit for 2023, we're thrilled to bring to you this Q & A with one our IT Women! Please meet Jane Stoller of Organized Jane!

  • Could you tell us about yourself and what initially inspired you to become an organizing expert, an entrepreneur, and an influencer? How did you get started in the industry?

I've been super organized since I was just six years old, lining up my pet cats and stuffed animals like a pro. Maybe it's because my parents are Swiss, and you know how Switzerland is all about that organization! But even back then, I knew deep down that my true calling was helping people get their lives in order. And so, I started small, organizing stuff for my friends, teachers, and eventually even my co-workers. From tidying up pantries, closets, and garages, I graduated to tackling the chaos of businesses.

  • You have written books that help readers declutter their lives and to become more organized. What tips would you share with women influencers that are trying to organize their content creation ideas with their desire to consistently post?

Female influencers face a unique challenge when it comes to organizing their content, as they often juggle various responsibilities in their personal lives, including partners and children. Being highly organized is crucial for them to succeed as influencers, especially considering the significance of content creation. Here are three valuable tips to help them stay on top of their game:

 Block dedicated time for content creation: Set aside specific time blocks solely dedicated to working on your content. By creating this focused time, you can ensure that your content receives the attention it deserves without distractions.

Embrace authenticity over perfection: Remember that perfection is not the ultimate goal. Embrace your authentic self and simply show up. Your audience appreciates genuine content, so don't be afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Utilize a simple planner: Incorporate a straightforward planner into your routine to map out your weekly and monthly content. Take a few moments each morning to review your planner and align your activities accordingly. This practice will help you maintain consistency and stay organized. Personally, I recommend using the planners offered by Creators Friend Stationary as they cater specifically to the needs of influencers.

 By implementing these tips, female influencers can enhance their organization skills, effectively manage their content creation process, and ultimately thrive in their influencer journey. 

  • How do you ensure that your content remains unique and stands out among other influencers?

When it comes to my content, I've experimented with various approaches. While providing valuable content is undoubtedly important, I've discovered that my lifestyle posts generate the most engagement. It's fascinating to see how people are initially drawn to me through my lifestyle content and then become pleasantly surprised when they learn about my business organization skills and financial team-building abilities, which offer them an additional revenue stream. So, the key is to create visually appealing content that catches attention, and alongside that, ensure you have enticing offers available.

  • Are there any projects or upcoming collaborations that you're currently working on that excite you? What about them interests you the most?

Right now, I'm super pumped about working on my new book and maybe even a TV pilot. It's all fun stuff! But honestly, my absolute favorite thing is getting back to helping small women in business through my client work. There's nothing more rewarding than supporting and empowering fellow female entrepreneurs on their journeys. 

  • How do you measure the impact or effectiveness of your content and campaigns? What metrics do you find most valuable and what advice would you share with women influencers that are learning how to measure their content’s effectiveness? 

We can all improve our skills in measuring metrics, including myself. Here are some guidelines that my team and I follow. Firstly, website metrics and SEO play a crucial role. It's essential to collaborate with a professional who can assist in identifying relevant keywords. Next, focus on selecting platforms where you genuinely connect with clients and monitor the related metrics. Personally, I find value in tracking Instagram and YouTube metrics on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis, particularly when a new video is released on YouTube. When it comes to videos, the number of viewers is not the sole determinant of success; it's equally important to assess how many people watched the entire video. Pay attention to watch time and identify when viewers tend to drop off. Understanding these patterns provides valuable insights for optimization.

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