Meet It Woman: Susye Weng-Reeder, Digital Creator

Meet It Woman: Susye Weng-Reeder, Digital Creator

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 27 July, 2023
In honor of our "Out Of Office" IT Box, our IT Box Summer Edit for 2023, we're thrilled to bring to you this Q & A with one our IT Women! Please meet Susye Weng-Reeder, Digital Creator.

1)     Tell us about yourself and what initially inspired you to become a travel, lifestyle, and fashion content creator? 

My life turned unexpectedly when the Tubbs Wildfires burned down my school in 2018. The Tubbs Wildfire was the most devastating firestorm that has hit California in history. 

I have two linguist degrees: a BA and a MA from UT Austin. I was a linguist and an educator teaching AP Spanish Language at a prestigious private high school in Sonoma County, Wine Country. After the wildfires, I found myself at UC Berkeley at a pivotal point in my life, diving into coding and becoming a full-stack developer. In 2019, I relocated to San Francisco, successfully transitioning into big tech as a linguist engineer, helping AI/ML teams. Then, in May 2021, by a stroke of luck, one of my reels on IG went viral, leading me to become a digital creator. 

Suddenly, companies started reaching out for partnerships; I was invited to join various invite-only influencer dashboards. With my passion for travel and gourmet food, I naturally gravitated toward becoming a travel and lifestyle influencer. Recently, I've also ventured into fashion and beauty. I enjoy creating content for businesses, focusing on their offerings instead of focusing on myself in my reels, and that appeals a lot to the marketing campaigns of many hotels, restaurants, and adventure travel businesses - where I showcase mostly them in my work. 

My career journey has been diverse: teaching, competitive ballroom dancing, roller derby skating in a WFTDA league, coding, and digital creation. Throughout it all, I've embraced resilience, navigating the ever-changing landscapes of technology and creativity while fostering a deep appreciation for the astonishing wonders surrounding us.

2)     How do you approach creating content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your personal values? What tips would you share with other women influencers?

Authenticity and relevance are key to creating resonant content aligned with my industry values. I showcase experiences and establishments that genuinely inspire me and appeal to my audience.

For fellow women influencers, my top tip is to stay true to your unique voice. Authenticity attracts your audience and niche, so remain genuine and selective with partnerships that align with your values.

I think it's important to understand your niche. You can engage regularly to gather insights and tailor your content to their preferences, creating a deeper connection. Storytelling is powerful. Share personal anecdotes and recommendations to create relatable content that resonates.

As a woman influencer, embrace your authenticity, uphold your values, and create content that speaks to your audience. Your unique perspective enriches the industry, leaving a lasting impact.

3)     How do you stay organized with posting on social media consistently? Do you have a favorite app that you use to help with this?  

To stay organized and maintain consistent social media posting, it is important to prioritize tasks, promptly complete partnerships as they come in, and regularly recycle content. Avoiding procrastination is key to maximizing efficiency. While I don't have a specific favorite app, leveraging tools like content calendars and project management apps helps streamline the workflow and ensure timely execution while facilitating content recycling for optimized engagement.

Many influencer dashboards offer scheduling programs, enabling automated and scheduled posts across multiple platforms. Finding the right combination of tools and establishing a workflow that suits your needs is essential for maintaining a consistent social media presence.

4)   How do you prioritize your time and set boundaries between work and personal life? Are there any specific techniques or tools you find helpful in managing your time effectively that you would recommend to other women in this space? 

Prioritizing my time and maintaining boundaries between work and personal life is crucial for my overall well-being. To achieve this balance, I use a few techniques and tools that have proven effective, and I hope they can be valuable for other women in this space.

Firstly, I establish clear priorities by identifying the most important tasks and allocating dedicated time slots. This helps me stay focused and productive. I also set realistic goals and avoid overcommitting myself.

I use productivity apps and tools, such as task management systems and calendars, to stay organized, track deadlines, and prevent any tasks from being overlooked.

Setting boundaries is equally important. I establish designated work hours and create a separate workspace to separate work from personal life mentally. Additionally, I make it a point to unplug from my phone and computer daily for a few hours to engage in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. These activities include meditation, yoga, listening to music, dancing, spending time with loved ones, enjoying spa treatments, going for nature walks, or pursuing creative hobbies like writing, painting, and playing musical instruments. This time allows me to recharge and find renewed energy.

Lastly, embrace time-blocking techniques, utilize customized productivity tools, and consciously establish boundaries. Discovering a system that aligns with your preferences and work style is crucial for nurturing a harmonious work-life balance.

5)     Are there any exciting trips you'll be taking this summer that we can follow on social media? 

Absolutely! I’m fortunate to have some exciting international partnerships planned this summer, where I will explore various hotels, spas, and restaurants. It's a privilege to share these experiences with everyone on social media, offering glimpses into stunning locations, delicious cuisines, and rejuvenating wellness spaces.

In addition, I'm incredibly humbled to share the release of my book, "INNER CHILD HEALING." Within its pages, this work explores the therapeutic process of healing childhood wounds, promoting emotional well-being, and cultivating personal growth and self-awareness by tending to our vulnerable inner child. I hope this book will become a guiding light, offering invaluable support and profound insights to individuals on their transformative journey of inner child healing.

The book has gained excellent reviews in book clubs, and the audiobook will launch on Audible in a few weeks. You can find “INNER CHILD HEALING” on Amazon:

I'm grateful for your support and encourage everyone to follow my journey @sincerelysusye as I embark on these upcoming adventures, sharing insights and inspiration along the way!

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