Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Gwendolyn Osborne

Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Gwendolyn Osborne

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 08 December, 2022

With the holidays comes the Modern Day Wife's Holiday Edit IT Box - a staple in our collection of products for our audience. We bring the latest products and the must have products for the season to you via our mega-packed IT Box. This season's Holiday Edit is our favorite so far! And, in the same tradition, we elicit some of our favorite leading ladies to represent the IT Box whom we title our "It Women." So, we'd love to introduce you to one of our amazing IT Women, Gwendolyn Osborne! Meet Gwendolyn…

What has been your favorite product or products so far to use or enjoy from the 2022 Holiday IT Box? 

There are so many to choose from! I really like the smell of the Aromatic Creation, holiday scented essential oils, and the Hanging Gem stud earrings. Honestly, the IT Box has “it” all! 

What is your brand “Lomollique” all about? 

Lomolique combines the names of my three children Monique, Malloy, and London, as well as my passion for empowering women to stay healthy from the inside out on their journey through life. This inner radiance deserves luxurious natural skincare that draws all women’s beauty and strength to the surface. Lomolique makes luxury skincare accessible to every woman, it takes women to the place where they feel most beautiful. The skincare oil is the first-ever to include the high-performing anti-aging ingredient Renovage, which heals and repairs skin while empowering women to stay healthy from the inside out on their journey through life. Lomolique has proudly been featured in People Magazine as one of the ‘Best Beauty Tricks for Surviving Summer’ 

How do you maintain balance when taking on multiple projects? 

Balance is a constant practice of mine. I make every effort to be the best Mum I can be daily while taking on a plethora of projects, leading a successful business, and taking care of the inner wonder woman. I live my life by my motto, Face your truth, take care of your mind, body and spirit then move forward with intention. 

How do you practice self-care while being a busy mom? 

It's challenging being a Mum, actress and entrepreneur to say the least, all while ensuring that I partake in self-care. Yet it's a necessary ingredient to experience balance in one's life. The key for me is taking a periodic assessment of what self-care looks like to me in each season of my life. Exercise is important for me and for my body now and that's just as important as me carving out space to sit on the couch and catch up on my favorite Netflix binge-worthy show. But, perhaps this coming summer, I may need to go to the beach frequently because my mind needs to hear the crashing of the waves under the gentle rays of the sun. Self-care for me, depends on the season and where I am in my life, and as long as I'm checking in with what I need to find my inner peace and nurture my wonder woman then I can achieve this even as a busy Mum.

What does it mean to be a boss woman? 

I'll start by saying being a boss and a woman in 2022 is a gift and a responsibility that I don't take lightly. Whether you're running a board meeting, leading a team or managing a household, being a boss woman is about being in charge and most importantly being you. A woman boss has responsibilities, priorities, requires time-management and ensures that she's practicing self-care so that she can be on top of her game.

Being a boss woman is also about being comfortable in your own skin and as a woman, paving the way for other women to more easily reach the heights you've achieved. Sheryl Sanberg said it quite simply as,“We must raise both the ceiling and the floor.” 

And there you have it, our IT Women of Holiday 2022, Gwendolyn Osborne! You can grab an IT Box, our Canada or US Version, by visiting @themoderndaywife on Instagram, clicking our link in bio and choosing US or Canada IT Box!