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Meet Our "IT" Women of 2021! Featuring: Ashika Lessani

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 December, 2021

Say Hello To Ashika Lessani!

Ashika dedicates her time to helping women attain health and wellness, and supporting them throughout their entire journey. 

Based in Vancouver BC Canada, Ashika is a registered holistic nutritionist and certified coach practitioner, who practices as a full-time online women’s health coach. 

Her purpose as a coach is to guide and support women in creating personal awareness in their overall health and life.

“Teaching women to fill their cup and gain confidence in how they show up in their life fills my cup!” --Ashika Lessani

Ashika believes that our health is the cornerstone and foundation of everything that we do and create in life. As a registered holistic nutritionist, she looks closely at women's digestive health, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, stress management and mental well-being--all of which are key ingredients to a woman’s success in life when it comes to her career and family. 

It is a phenomenal experience for her to observe the change in a woman’s life once a woman starts working with her and focusing on her health. 

Ashika’s journey into helping women with their health and wellness, really started when she became a mother. Prior to her son's birth, health and wellness played a large role in Ashika’s life. She focused on her personal health through fitness and nourishing her body with whole-food nutrition, while helping others with their health as a dental hygienist in the healthcare industry. 

However, soon after the birth of her son, she dove deep into researching the optimal nutrition and foods that would benefit cognitive development for a child. This made her ask herself, “If I want him to live a healthy life, why am I not teaching this to other women so they can live a healthy life with their family and friends?” This inspired her to go back to school and complete her diploma in holistic nutrition and certification as a coach practitioner.  

Through her coaching and role as a mother, Ashika hopes to offer support and serve as a role model to other moms. This past year, Ashika wrote her first book on holistic health, Redesigning the Inner You, which is available on Amazon. It is everything a woman needs to redesign and transform herself from the inside out, and includes all of Ashika’s personal recipes. Ashika also recently launched her mentorship program for new health and wellness entrepreneurs that are needing guidance to build a successful and purposeful coaching practice. You can find all her resources on her website.

For those that live a busy lifestyle, at times wellness can seem impossible to achieve. Ashika reminds us that no matter how busy we are, it is possible through clarity and consistent, specific action steps. Working with a coach and having a systematic approach can allow busy women to reconnect to their “why” for a better physical, spiritual and overall connection. 

“Setting personal health on the priority list, learning time management skills, and asking for help is important. Start with one thing.” --Ashika Lessani

“When we stop enjoying life, and joy is hard to come by, our personal relationships seem to be affected, especially the most important one, our relationship to self. There needs to be awareness to change.” --Ashika Lessani

Ashika has made many exciting goals for 2022. She wants to continue expanding her reach in the online space and in her community through seminars and workshops for women. These programs would educate women on easy and simple ways for them to enhance their health for deeper connection to self and others. She will also be allocating more time on her mentorship program for new health and wellness entrepreneurs. This enables her to give back to the wellness community that has supported her. 

In addition, Ashika is going to write her second book in the spring of 2022, in hopes to give women her guidance and support across the world. Lastly, she plans to travel with her son to Europe for some well deserved time off and adventure!

If anything, Ashika would like women to know that being mindful of our needs, health, and mental well-being needs to be at the top of our priority list. When we start to focus on our well being and needs, we can then radiate and give more love to others in our lives. 

“We need to give ourselves the love and care we so freely give to others. This will help the expansion of love and success in our life and others.” --Ashika Lessani