Meet Our IT Women of 2022: Ashley Leggat

Meet Our IT Women of 2022: Ashley Leggat

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 06 June, 2022

In light of our IT Box "Make a Splash" launch, we are introducing you to the IT Women of 2022 who are "Making a Splash" in their communities. Meet actress, singer, dancer, wife, and mom, Ashley Leggat. We interviewed Ashley to learn all about who she is, how she balances her different passions as well as time for herself, and the realities of being a working woman and mom. 

Can you share with us a little bit about who you are (what you’re passionate about, what you like to do) and what you are doing right now in your career?

My name is Ashley Leggat and I am an actress, singer, and dancer. I am passionate about acting, travel, animals, and most importantly my kids. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with our third child, and prepping to begin filming a movie beginning in August 2022…. Exactly one month after my baby is due :)

What is some advice or words of encouragement that you have for other moms and wives who are trying to raise a child, maintain good relationships with their spouses, friends or family, and who are also trying to stay focused on their business or careers?

Honestly, it’s impossible to do all of those things at once. I struggled after my first was born to maintain 100% in all aspects of my life, but I soon realized that something had to give. Now that we have two kids, and one on the way, I realize that my energy and attention needs to go towards the things that matter most to me, and the things that require my attention at that particular time. At this point in time it is raising my girls. Once I begin filming in August, I will give all of the focus and attention that I can to my work. I’m thankful to have a spouse and mom who are supportive and can help look after our family while I pursue my goals. The quickest way to spread yourself too thin, to the point you are unable to give any meaningful attention to anything, is to forget to take care of yourself first. It’s taken me some time, but I now understand that I can’t be an effective mom, wife, friend, daughter, actress or anything else required of me, if I don’t look after myself first.

Do you have any advice for women who want to do it all, while serving others?

You don’t need to serve anyone else!! The only person that you need to serve is yourself. Once you realize that you have to put yourself first, it will be easy to prioritize where you want to spend your energy and time. Often times women feel that they need to be everything to everyone, but in doing so, you lose yourself.

What are your future goals for your career and personal life? Do you have any plans for the rest of 2022? 

My future goals for my career are to film in August, and have the movie rolled into a TV series spinoff. For my personal life, I hope to be able to still be a present and devoted mom to my children while I’m shooting, a fun and loving partner to my spouse, and to try not to let myself feel too much guilt for working while leaving my family at home.

5. What is the message that you want to leave with other women?

I truly think being a woman is the hardest thing in the world. Even in my own marriage, my husband plays professional hockey in Europe, and I feel responsible to take care of our family while he works. On the other hand, when my opportunity presents itself for me to be the one out following my passion, and him be home during his off-season, I am overcome with guilt, and question whether it’s the right thing to do. These are questions he doesn’t have when following his dreams, and guilt he doesn’t put on himself. I, too, shouldn’t allow myself to feel this way. Just because we are women, the responsibility should not feel like it’s solely on our shoulders. This is something I am unlearning and I hope to teach my daughters that there is no box that we fit in, there are no limits to what we can achieve, and modern women can take it all on - guilt free.