Meet Our IT Women of 2022: Gwendolyn Osborne

Meet Our IT Women of 2022: Gwendolyn Osborne

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 02 June, 2022

In light of our IT Box "Make a Splash" launch, we are introducing you to the IT Women of 2022 who are "Making a Splash" in their communities. Meet Gwendolyn Osborne; she self describes herself as a groundbreaker, a ceiling smasher, and thought provoker!

Gwen was once a teen mom figuring out how to be her own boss rollerblading to multiple auditions and modeling jobs in Miami Beach while raising a child. Gwen is now a mom of three creative children while balancing multiple businesses. Gwen tells us more about her past jobs, “I was the first model on the Price is Right game show to proudly work two full term pregnancies and come back to work on the show. Drew Carey was very supportive throughout that process as well as the producers Mike Richards and Evelyn Warfel. After 12 years at CBS, I am proudly the longest running woman of color to work on a daytime game show.”

Gwen also elaborated on what she is up to now, “After retiring to pursue more of my acting and singing, I was tapped on the shoulder by the director Patty Jenkins to become an elite competitive amazonian in the box office hit Wonder Woman 1984. I learned during the training and four month filming process how to rejuvenate and replenish myself as a whole woman from the inside out. The resurgence of Gwendolyn led me back to my original love of acting, singing and into being a speaker, motivating other women to encourage themselves to see who they truly are and what they can accomplish.” We congratulate Gwen for this amazing opportunity to get to do something amazing for her career and for herself. 

We asked Gwen about her current business and accomplishments and she gave us some insight, “'Find Your Inner Wonder Woman' is a speech I am very proud of, teaching you to take care of your body, mind and spirit and how to find and feel your inner beauty. This journey has also led me into becoming a certified meditation teacher and nutrition coach. I am the CEO of a vegan skin care line named Lomolique. We currently sell a luxurious, anti-aging facial oil and a candle as part of a collaboration with another woman-owned business 'Ubilam’.” 

Gwen goes into detail on what made her decide to start her own business and what it has been like running her own company, “I was approached by an experienced friend in the beauty industry, Del Pozzo Jewelry, asking how I have taken care of my skin throughout the years of modeling and acting. She guided me through the process of how to create my own product and I've been on the entrepreneurial train since!”

Gwen goes on to say, “I chose to work with facial oil because it reminded me of the beaches and spas in the Caribbean. Having a Jamaican mother, I visited there, as I grew up, quite a bit and I realized it's where I feel my most beautiful. You can almost hear the island music as you apply it to your face and neck! Lol! My hope is that the smell and feel of the oil will bring the same sense of beauty to everyone who experiences it. Make sure it brings you JOY!” We love Gwen’s enthusiasm for her products and overall business. 

Given that Gwen is a mother, actor, host, speaker, founder, and CEO we asked her how she juggles and balances her different roles and relationships while still taking time to prioritize her own health and wellbeing, “I just juggle on the daily. Balance is not a destination but a constant practice. Staying mindful of my priorities as I choose how to spend my time and energy is a never ending game that I am grateful I get to play.” It seems like Gwen has a routine down that works for her and how busy she is!

Lastly Gwen shared some of her future goals and shared some advice with us, “I can't wait to see the final cut of the lead role I just worked on in a short film and share it with the world. I hope to be juggling more free time between all of the speaking gigs I'll be booked for! Manifestation! I have just started looking into hosting my own retreats so I will definitely keep you posted."

And here is her message for YOU: "There are no rules to life, only the ones we create and believe in. Create your world and then live in it. Trust your heart, face the truth and go for your dreams!”

You can keep up with Gwen on Instagram: @itsgwendolyn and checkout her skincare business and more on her website