The Vault Member Spotlight: Anna M.

The Vault Member Spotlight: Anna M.

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 23 October, 2022

Anna M. is a full time mom and part time content creator based in Los Angeles, known as ExploreBeautyXO. She was previously a full time attorney.

Anna tells us she started Explore Beauty XO back in 2017 after health issues prevented her from working full time in her previous attorney job. She tells us that she loves her job now, “I love to share about beauty, fashion, and occasionally moments with my toddler!”

We asked Anna what she thinks makes her and her brand unique and here is what she had to say, “It’s my fifth year blogging and reviewing products, so I think I’m well versed in the industry at this point. It’s something that I’ve always been passionate about and luckily something that my daughter loves to be around as well. I love to share about new beauty and fashion launches as well as local experiences in Los Angeles. My followers are truly an amazing support system through my wellness journey which has now turned into motherhood! I love authenticity and the sense of community.” 

Given Anna’s time in her job as a content creator, we asked her for some tips on staying balanced. This is what she had to say, “Do what feels good and remember that taking time to rest is just as productive!” 

Anna also gave us some insight on a personal struggle that she has been dealing with, “My battle with cancer has not been easy. Taking things one step at a time, as much as possible, truly helps. Sometimes you just need someone else in your corner to remind you this. I hope to bring a smile to others and remind them that they can overcome life’s challenges, whatever it may be, too.” 

You can keep up with her on Instagram: @explorebeautyxo.