The Vault Member Spotlight: Diana Nguyen

The Vault Member Spotlight: Diana Nguyen

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 31 March, 2022

Diana Nguyen is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, CEO and founder of a women’s inspirational lifestyle brand of blazers and suits called Madison / Savile. Her brand provides the perfect blazer  with classic and timeless staples as well. 

We got some insight on how Diana came to create her brand, here is what she had to say, “During my time at corporate, I noticed a lot of women around me at work and in my network (including myself!) that would talk about how much they love blazers, but how hard it was for them to find the right one. They eventually gave up on shopping for blazers as they believed blazers were uncomfortable and lacking the right style. I saw a gap in the market. I love how a suit with the right fit looks on a man, so sharp and powerful. Fit is everything, not only can it make a garment look amazing, but it allows for comfort. I wanted the same for women. However, that still wasn’t enough for me to take the leap from a successful career I built in corporate until it aligned with my passion and purpose to help and empower others, to inspire a more beautiful world inside and out. Thus, the name Madison / Savile. It is the definition of two worlds I’m combining; Madison means gift of God and warrior (inspiring others to bring out their inner warrior, reminding them of the gift that only they can bring to the world) and Savile is for Savile Row in London known for its bespoke suiting.”

It is amazing to see a woman creating something great and closing the gap on something that many of us look for and need. 

Diana also shares details to us on why her brand and her products are unique, “Because the purpose behind Madison / Savile is to impact and inspire, everything we do including the design of our blazers is to help inspire and raise up women. Each blazer has words of affirmation sewn on the inside. Our first collection is called Unstoppable & Fierce so every time you open your blazer you see those words to remind you that you are Unstoppable & Fierce. Another important feature of our blazers is the fit. They are so comfortable you can sleep in them, or a lot of our customers would describe it as buttery. Who doesn’t want a buttery blazer?! I’m all about function, if I can’t function in what I’m wearing, or it is distracting me from a productive day I won’t wear it. In this new era where women are wearing all kinds of hats, the last thing you need is your clothes distracting you. Aside from the fit and the words of affirmation lining the inside of our blazers, our blazers also have 5 functioning pockets including one for your lip gloss, chapstick or pen.”

Diana’s brand consists of functional, but also meaningful products which I think is quite inspirational.  

It is clear that Diana is a passionate founder and creator of her brand, she explains, “I love what Madison / Savile stands for and what it is becoming, armoring you from the outside and building you up from the inside. I love inspiring other women and making an impact.”

She also shared some tips with us for balancing a career and personal/social life, “To be honest I’m still working on this myself, it’s a work in progress. My advice though is to prioritize what needs to be done now versus what can wait. There is always work to be done but prioritize and plan around your life. Schedule date night, brunch with friends, time with family, exercise and hold yourself to it. For me if it’s not on the calendar it’s likely that it won’t happen so I make sure to schedule things that are important to me and make time for it.”

Although Diana has created her own brand and business, the journey hasn't been easy. Diana shares with us some of her personal struggles that she has endured, “Growing up my stepfather and I never really got along. At 17 he gave me an ultimatum to marry my boyfriend at the time or leave. I was definitely not going to get married at 17, so I left. He cut me off from everything from healthcare to finances which included paying for college. I made the choice to continue with my education and put myself through college with part time jobs, financial aid and scholarships. I taught myself how to get a credit card, figure out living situations, figure out what is important and what the next step is. Through grit, discipline and perseverance I graduated from the University of Washington business school with a degree in accounting and marketing and offers from the top 5 public accounting firms. Will, grit, determination, a belief in yourself and a clear vision of what you want for your life helped me overcome and helped me to take the next step. You can give yourself the life you want, don’t depend on others to do that for you.”

While Diana’s journey has not been easy, she has surely worked hard and has been able to overcome great challenges to get where she is now, which honestly is incredible. 

We have loved getting to know more of Diana and her business Madison / Savile! Make sure to check out the brand on Instagram: @madisonsavile and via their website to shop their products at We appreciate having strong, resilient women like Diana as part of our community at the Modern Day Wife.