The Vault Member Spotlight: Mallory Sackey

The Vault Member Spotlight: Mallory Sackey

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 10 May, 2022

Mallory Sackey works for Warner Bros. as a Digital Administrator and owns her practice Sackey Companies & Partners, that specializes in helping businesses with their digital identity. 

Mallory talked about how many things have led to her unique brand image. From competing in Miss America pageants to presenting at global PhD conferences as a young professional, Mallory says her story has always been, “driven by achieving the impossible.” She grew up in a small town, and couldn't wait to be something bigger and better. “Creativity within my work is a key driver in what led me to desire a career in the business field, and now I am finally taking the steps into creating my dream career.”

After completing an Internship at Reuters, Mallory moved into Project Management and completed her MBA program in Spring of 2020. Some of Mallory’s aspirations upon graduation were to continue on developing a professional academia and executive career path focused towards Modern Digital Marketing and Executive Business Management. Mallory tells us that in 2021, “I expanded my expertise with specializations, attaining both a C.M.P. in Digital Marketing (AMA), as well as a Digital Marketing Pro (DMI) certification.” Mallory is clearly passionate and dedicated to her career field and professionalism.

Mallory works to create effective content through mastery of IT and Technical Management systems. Mallory takes pride in her capabilities to lead brands towards content that provides scale and relevance through artistic systems. She also speaks to her creative endeavors, “My expansive capabilities in photography, videography, and other forms of Curated Content are paired with proficient experience in creative systems, such as FinalCut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, InDesign, Facebook Business Manager, Salesforce, UX Design, and YouTube Creators.”

In addition to her personal influence store, available via @MissMalSack on Facebook and Instagram, she proudly offers clients B2B / independent services with Their services deliver digital products and management to businesses engaging in the digital realm. They specialize in business performance and management, digital marketing and strategy advising and creators. "Because of our experience, professional certifications, and education, we are able to use a research-based approach combined with a professional global internal network that is unique to each consumer. As we identify your niche, we treat your business like a case study. We take your team through the steps that lead toward revenue incentive based decisions and provide deliverables and marketing tools to get you there.”

We asked Mallory what she loves most about what she does and she said, “The thing that prides me the most about all things I do is the impact I leave behind on students and professionals. As an aspiring PhD, my lifelong purpose is to teach to those who have the desire, but may not have the tools to get you there. In my influencer marketing and my SCP business, they are both a tangent of that lifetime goal – defining purpose for others. Whether it is business or academia, my satisfaction is doing things to help others when they need it most, and watching them grow beyond expectations.” 

Mallory also gave us some advice in balancing a career and personal relationships. She says, “Dream it. Plan it. Do it. With remote work taking over, you need to set boundaries. The job should never feel more than a job and defining the aspects that impact my dreams beyond work is something I challenge myself toward each day. Setting schedules is essential, such as, M-Th from 4:30am-4:00pm. It's an early start for sure, but it allows me time to be home before dinner and off for 3 days every weekend. I find that doing more first, usually allows for more creativity in the end.” 

We have enjoyed getting to know more about Mallory, her business and her work ethic which is incredible. You can keep up with Mallory on her personal Instagram: @MissMalSack and also check out her digital marketing business website We love having inspiring and hard working women like Mallory in the Modern Day Wife community.