5 Baby Essential Every New Parent Needs

5 Baby Essential Every New Parent Needs

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 05 March, 2021

You are about to become a new mom! Exciting and daunting. So much to learn, so much to know, and it feels like you can never be too prepared! Well, we have been through this and we want to share some simple baby basics that you should stock up on now. Here are 5 baby essentials that every new parent must have at hand once the baby arrives.  

1. Diapers and wipes

Choosing the proper diapers and having wipes for your baby is essential. You can choose to buy Honest, Pampers, Huggies or even cloth diapers. Some believe you need to have organic, some choose to have what is economical. You will be changing those diapers quite a bit so you have to consider all factors! You definitely do not want to ever run low and be making a last minute run to the pharmacy. Maybe buy a small quantity of a few brands, try them out once the baby arrives, and then invest in a huge quantity once you have decided which is your favorite brand. 

2. Bottle and Formula

This is a more controversial subject, but the truth is, it comes down to what you want to do, what works for you, and what you feel comfortable doing. Our Co-Founder Meghan breastfed and supplemented with baby formula for two months. After two months, she switched to an organic baby formula called Holle + also made her own barley / milk formula. Some women choose to breastfeed for months, sometimes continuing on past the first year. It really depends on you. If you do go down the baby formula route, you can check out Honest Brand and some of the American formula brands like Similac. There are tons to choose from and lots of blogs on the web that help to decipher the pros and cons of each. There are some great German and European brands like Holle and Hippe that you can research as well. Best time to do this is before the baby is born! 
Following formula is the bottle. You have the option to have glass or BPA-free plastic bottles. This is something that is not mentioned much, but realize you are warming up the bottle quite a bit if you do not have a Baby Brezza (cue to googling this amazing machine). Therefore, you have to take into consideration that your plastic is also heating up. Thus, check out some great new glass brands that are made for babies.

3. A crib and mattress

You may have the baby sleep with you in your bed in the beginning. In this case, we recommend the Dock-A-Tot – they have gorgeous designs and are a safer option (rather than just having the baby sleep right next to you in the bed). There are many articles warning about not having your baby in your bed with you, but again, each parent inevitably does what feels right and works for them. The Dock-A-Tot is a great option if you want to go down this route. Next step is the bassinet. They now move into their own bed and space, but are typically still in the room with you. Eventually, you will move them into their own crib into their own room, if you have a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom apt, etc. or house. The luxuries of having the baby in their own space are endless – your ability to move around and make noise during the night without the fear of waking up the baby, ability to go to sleep later, keep the lights on, take a shower, etc. Remember to invest in a good monitor once they have moved into their own room. 

4. Diaper bag

A diaper bag is essential for leaving the house with your baby. There are so many amazing ones to choose from – designer bags, backpacks, the sky is the limit. The best, we think, has compartments so it doesn’t become a huge disaster everytime you come home from a trip. You will need diapers, diaper cream, baggies to put dirty diapers in, change of clothes, burping cloth, bib, with COVID it’s best to have an extra mask (for you of course) and some antibacterial gel, baby wipes, baby changing pad (portable fold-up version), blanket, toys and other sundries. Our Co-Founder got a simple, classy diaper bag from Pottery Barn – a gray and ivory linen material that has 4 compartments inside. 

5. Stroller

Okay, now is the time for the YouTube videos. There are tons of strollers, tons of videos explaining them, honestly, it gets to be a bit overwhelming. Our Co-Founder got the UppaBaby, a more expensive version, but an amazing stroller. With huge space under the chair for everything you need, it is easy to use, stylish and does have a seat that is also the carseat. There are tons of more affordable options including the Nuna that has a city version (easy to breakdown and set-up) and other options, and strollers made especially for jogging. Just google “best strollers 2020” and get busy doing your research! 

Being a new parent doesn’t mean that you have to be a perfect parent. Every new parent makes mistakes and they learn from them. But having these essentials in your hands prior to your baby being born will set you up in a very good way!