Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's

Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's "Fuel Your Fire" Digital Event Recap

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 05 March, 2021

February 25th was our "Fuel Your Fire Event" digital event with some amazing speakers and of course, power couples. We got inspired to keep that fire alive and never give up on those goals. At the Modern Day Wife we are determined to provide the best resources for every woman to have it all which is the inspiration behind these beautiful events. If you were not able to attend that night, I highly encourage you to read on and get in the know on how to fuel your fire! 

Pre Show

DJ Wrex kicked off the show with some upbeat hits to fuel our energy for the night. 

Then we had Samantha aka Samantha Sommelier talking about the perfect pairing of wine with a charcuterie board. The key here is bubbles. 

Next we had Vancouver Charcuterie who deliver charcuterie boxes with special customizations, offers classes on how to make the boards, and they demonstrated the artistic technique to create the perfect board.

Daniela and Chris from Touch Massage offers same day massages right to your home, the app is set to come out mid-March, their mission is to bring wellness to all Canadians. 

Main Show 

Lisa Michaud, international success coach, speaker talked about goal-setting and the common mistakes we all make; key is weekly planning, take time to reflect, goals are allowed to change, time does not matter/ don’t give up, celebrate every step along the way.

Bershan Shaw talked about her coaching experience with women around the world, we women are enough, stop playing small, live up to your expectations and find your strengths, stand in your power. “Know your strength, change your mindset."

Rhiannon from Organika, a Vancouver run and based company, recommended the Enhanced Collagen for healthy hair, skin, and nails. She also recommends chicken bone broth, another type of collagen that has many benefits for the body and skin. 

Next up, we had influencer Emily Hertz who talked about going from the corporate world to owning her own business, Born on Fifth. She found mentors and learnt as much as she could from them. Mentorship is all about connecting with someone who you can build a relationship with. “Engage with your audience and tell a story.”

Then, Juraj from Somavedic talked about the inspiration behind the brand. It is made from hand-blown crystal glass, producing a calming field around it. The main idea is to mitigate the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation that we receive everyday from our technology.

Tila and Linda from Enhance Arts talked about their spa and what they offer including facials, brow lamination, and microblading.

Next up, Lisa Carmen Wang is a speaker, investor, podcaster, entrepreneur, who talked about her experience with investing and the common mistakes people make when it comes to investing. Women are not socialized to talk about money and negotiation in a comfortable way.

Anthony from Watchgang talked about the blind, monthly subscription box for watches. There are different levels from which you can pick from the and the retail price increases as you move up in subscription tiers. 

Spicy Mari and Chae were up next and they talked about how to keep the spice alive in your relationships. S is for self, what do you want and what do you have to offer your partner. P is for passion, the fun you get to have together. I is for intimacy, recreational, intellectual, emotional, and physical intimacy. C is for communication, the importance of checking in. Y is yes. Learning to say 'yes' to your partner. 

Cambrea from Certainly Soap talked about the inspiration behind this company. She thought a lot about self care, especially during this pandemic, which is when Certainly Soap began. They offer exfoliants and more nourishing soaps including coconut and honey. 

Then, the founder of Meeko Athletics talked about the idea behind her clothing and how each collection addresses different health problems. She wanted to make sure the clothes could switch between activewear to loungewear. 

Melissa, Founder and CEO of Beauty & the Broth, talked about the positive effects of incorporating bone broth into her diet. It helped her with bloating, gut health, and clearing her skin.

Next, Erin Cebula, a host and broadcaster, talked about authenticity and finding your unique voice. She said it is so important to find that enthusiasm and energy within yourself. It is going to help you and connect you with other people who match that same energy. 

Missy, founder of Mismack Cosmetics, talked about her experience in the beauty industry. While working for a beauty company, she learned about clean beauty and decided to create her own brand. The products are intended to be multipurpose. 

Zoe Abbott was up next, who talked about how to handle finances. She also talked about her passion behind handling money, and how her childhood and life experiences have had a big influence on her drive to manage money. 

Noella Coursaris, founder and CEO of the Malaika Foundation, talked about bringing the Humanitarian element into the workplace and the home. She also talked about being a mother and incorporating her humanitarian passion into her personal life. 

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended the event and joined our growing community. This event was filled with so many stellar speakers who definitely fueled our fires. They were so kind to take time and spend the evening with us. Thank you for coming along with us on the journey and we cannot wait to see you again at our next digital event "New Season, New You" on March 30th.