A Step-by-Step Guide to Contouring Your Skin for a Sculpted Look

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 10 June, 2023
Contouring has been the buzz in the makeup field for years now, although some are saying the natural, dewy look is making a come-back. Whatever your preference, we think contouring is perfect for glam occasions and so here is a step by step guide to master the technique. Read More

The Vault Member Spotlight: Kayla Farley

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 31 March, 2022
Kayla Farley is a full time makeup artist, Owner of First Class accessories boutique & brand consultant/marketing director for small businesses. Kayla started "FaceByKayla" back in 2016 as she was trying to find her purpose. She tells us more about how this endeavor came to be. Read More

"Green" and "Clean" Beauty Gift Guide with Dyane MacKinnon

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 01 December, 2021

If you are looking to incorporate some “Green” and “Clean” products into your beauty routine or looking for the perfect gift for a fellow beauty lover, then you’re in the right spot! Written by Dyane MacKinnon for The Complexion Apothecary, this blog includes everything you’ll need to start a routine or add to someone else's. 

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New Beauty Brands To Try

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 18 October, 2021
A curated list of makeup and skincare brands to try! Read More

Sephora vs. Ulta

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 02 April, 2021
How do these beauty conglomerates compare? Read More

Eco-Friendly Makeup And Clothing Brands

  • The Modern Day Wife
  • 01 April, 2021
Shopping that is good for the wallet and the planet. Read More