Calling all Mocktail Lovers! Meet Drømme

Calling all Mocktail Lovers! Meet Drømme

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 26 July, 2023

Calling all mocktail lovers! Here is an intro to an amazing mocktail that we discovered at our Silicon Valley event, in the words of their Founder, David Lund.

"Infuse your life with artisan botanical elixirs hand-crafted to enhance your health and well-being. Bring bold and refreshing tastes to the forefront of your drinking experience.

Drømme is a non-alcoholic beverage that can be used as a mixer in various recipes or enjoyed on its own. It’s born from a dream to create an excellent replacement for alcoholic cocktails. After many months of detailed research, we found that there are several choices already available, but they tend to substitute real ingredients for manufactured flavors. We wanted to give customers a satisfying experience of drinking beverages full of organic extracts, fresh juices, and real herbs. Determined to create a better option, we produced a zero-proof alternative that’s loaded with botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics. Not only are Dromme drinks delicious and charged with flavor, but they’re loaded with healthy, natural ingredients.

The name, “Drømme,” is a Danish word that means “dream.” I was fortunate enough to live in Denmark for two years, and during my stay there, I came to love the country. I thoroughly enjoyed the Danish culture and the people as they value spending quality time with family and friends. In Denmark, it’s not uncommon to let dinners last for two to three hours while sharing stories and discussing favorite topics. The Danes also take great care when choosing ingredients to include in their meals and beverages. In addition to this focus on the quality of their food and drink choices, they pay close attention to the issues of sustainability and how consumption affects the eco-system. All these things were important to me, and I wanted to incorporate these values into our company.

We’re all dreamers and creators in some sense, and our dreams give our lives meaning. With all these elements encapsulated in the word, “Drømme,” it seemed a perfect choice for the name of our company. Using the momentum that comes from bringing a dream come to life, we began our production of Dromme beverages.

From start to finish, it’s a unique process with great attention to detail. While most of these types of drinks are produced in large production facilities with the goal of high-volume manufacturing, our beverages are hand-crafted in small batches at a distillery in San Diego. Our experience with botanicals, extracts, and herbs has shown us that producing small batches elevates our quality control and ensures that each bottle contains our best, bold flavor profile. Mixed, bottled, and packaged by hand produces a superior product. We’ve created a unique beverage we’re proud to bring to the market and to share with our own friends and family."

Go check them out and grab a drink, and tag us enjoying your favorite mocktail in this summer heat!