Silicon Valley Event Decor

Silicon Valley Event Decor

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 26 July, 2023

If you've been to a Modern Day Wife Event, you'll know we love our marquee letters. Our Event Director, Derek Devette of Sky Bright Productions, told us to always keep our MDW namesake marquee letters up and shining at all of our events. LeeAnne Locken told us early on "You've got to have the photo opps for all the Influencers" and so we did! The MDW Marquee letters are almost always lit up at our events, no pun intended!

To introduce you to one of our favorite decor partners and the marquee letter company we hired for our Park James Hotel Menlo Park Event, we introduce you to their Owner, Simone. In her words...

"Alpha Lit Silicon Valley came to life officially in January 2023 founded by two dynamic husband-and-wife teams. Simone & Nadav Joseph, and Karina & Pierce Drummond. Both couples had planned to get married in 2021 and enjoyed the wedding planning process, but prior to that, neither couple had experience in the event planning space. As the four founders of Alpha Lit Silicon Valley took on planning their own weddings, they recognized that the key to making events special was in the details. When Simone discovered the breathtaking marquee letters from Alpha Lit, she couldn't help but think how incredible they would have looked at her own wedding. Their passion for lighting up life’s most precious moments led them to open Alpha-Lit Silicon Valley.

Founded in January 2023, they've already gained a massive following of nearly 1,300 Instagram fans who can't get enough of their stunning designs that suit any occasion and budget.

What sets Alpha Lit Silicon Valley apart from the competition is their unmatched creativity, vision, and exceptional customer service. Alpha Lit's marquees are made of the highest quality aluminum, enhancing their visual appeal and making them seamless for balloon vendors, florists, and various other decor vendors to work with, as well as making them the premier marquee rental company in Silicon Valley. Offering colored light bulbs and exciting marquee symbols to align with any theme clients can dream up, they can spell any phrase or numbers for any event imaginable! Alpha Lit Silicon Valley marquees will elevate any and every party by being a statement piece that guests will gravitate to.

They provide beautiful ambient lighting to the event space, a WOW factor that lights up guests faces, and a wonderful photo backdrop. They offer a vast range of styles to choose from, so that customers can personalize the designs to fit their preferences, but it's ultimately the team's passion for being a part of their customer's milestones and celebrations that brings them true happiness and fulfillment.

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, proposal, graduation, corporate conference, photoshoot, or any other special occasion, Alpha Lit Silicon Valley's marquee letters are the perfect addition to create an unforgettable party atmosphere!

You can find them online at and follow them on instagram here."

Light up your event and let us know how it goes -- ambiance is everything!


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