Collagen Supplements and Benefits

Collagen Supplements and Benefits

  • By - Meghan Fialkoff
  • 07 April, 2021

(© Correxiko Collagen from Pexels)

Growing up, Jennifer Aniston was basically omnipresent; her enviable hair graced the cover of many a tabloid and magazine. Her secret to such shiny, strong tresses, according to publications, was collagen. The same ingredient found in jello! Thus, my obsession with collagen was in full effect, by consuming all of the green jello I possibly could; today I add hydrolyzed collagen to my coffee, tea, and oatmeal (and forego the green food coloring). 

A structural protein found in the body’s connective tissues, such as cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin, collagen as a supplement is fascinating; touted initially as just another protein source, collagen supplementation has been taken seriously by the science community only recently, within the last ten years or so. It’s found in bone broth, powders, protein bars, and drinks. One study in particular shows that collagen supplementation improves the appearance of our skin. The best news? The study demonstrated that in eight short weeks, participants’ skin was benefitting from taking collagen supplements. 


  • Vitamin C is extremely important to collagen intake. 
  • Collagen mixes quickly with warm liquids; it takes significantly longer for it to be absorbed by cooler drinks. 
  • Some people prefer marine collagen to other kinds; apparently, marine collagen is easier for some people’s bodies to absorb.
  • Bone broth is a great way to obtain more collagen in your diet. We love Beauty + the Broth's bone broth (they have the quite the flavorful selection)!
  • Avoid stress. Cortisol has been shown to deplete collagen. 

Have you taken collagen as a supplement? Let us know in the comments how it's affected you!