Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's

Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's "New Season, New You" Digital Event Recap

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 08 April, 2021

March 30th was our "New Season, New You" digital event with an all-star lineup from some amazing brands and inspiring speakers. We learned all about the importance of rituals and the importance of starting fresh. At the Modern Day Wife, we are determined to provide the best resources for every woman to have it all. If you were not able to attend the event and need to catch up on what you missed, read on to feel inspired and hit that refresh button! 

Fireside Chat 

Jane Korthuis, Founder and CEO of SOHUIS and Jane Stoller, an Expert Organizer kicked off the event by discussing the importance of getting organized and focusing on how to start and manage a business, especially as women. Some of the themes they discussed were time management and accounting. 

Next, Gina Tucci, Executive at Atlantic and Big Beat Records, talked about making it big while making it all go right. She started as an intern and worked her way up to General Manager. She’s been signing artists and making records for the likes of David Guetta, while also raising two children. She says to not be so hard on yourself, there will be days when you don’t check things off your checklist. 

Next up, Karmely-Ann, founder of Bellurelle, talked about how she started the company because she wanted to share her natural skincare routine with others. She is driven to keep things natural - from her products to the packaging. Bellurelle has two lines including "Comfort" - a line which includes a glaze that helps handle dark spots.

Then we had founder of Lip Service Beauty, Annette, talked about the Lash Elixir, one of the many products in her line, and the correct time to use it: during the morning while doing your makeup. The Lip Plumper is made of cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne. This is great to give your lips a fuller look. 

Next, Quai, founder of Hair Love, created this brand that sells hair care accessories and vitamins. There are scrunchies, detangling brushes, and silk pillowcases also offered in her line.

Next up, we got the scoop with Ashley Peterson, founder of Elizabella Cosmetics, Sarah Boyd, SVP at Socialyte, and Ana Quincoces, former Real Housewife + CEO Official Skinny Latina.

Ana talked about the importance of focusing on the things that really matter and wanting to be more present. Ashley saw 2020 as a blessing in disguise, and used the time to reconnect with herself and her family. She also thought of where she wants her company to go and what more she wants to bring to the table in all aspects of her life. Sarah talked about managing talent and casting for influencers. Her company was acquired in the midst of the pandemic and she explained the scariness of it all. The people who had authenticity and personality were able to continue their success and book deals through the pandemic. 

Then, Christa, Director of Scouting and Development at Grant Cardone in Canada, talked about her position in the company and what the company offers, training for other companies. They help them with customized training plans to help them increase their revenue and create a culture of positivity in the workplace. 

Next up, Hannah, a fitness instructor at the LA location of Beyond The Hot Room aka Sweat Cycle, led us in a barre session. They also offer a skincare line to help treat your skin after sweating it out after a good workout. 

Welcome to the Main Show

DJ Wrex kicked off the night to get us ready with some great hits. 

First we had an event toast with Jana Kramer, Actress and Singer and a wine tasting with Samantha Capaldi, our event's Sommelier. 

Jana talked about creating her own company, One Brick Wine. The wines are low in sugar, sulfates, and have a lower alcohol content. Jana described her life as placing one brick at a time and she wanted her line to mean something, thus the inspiration for the name.

Next we had Meredith and Antonio from Spirits With Smoke who started off working together and they decided to make cocktail kits for people at home. First, you smoke the glass. Then, make the cocktail. This cocktail consisted of lemon juice and simple syrup. Then, you add the egg white and then they use Empress gin. Finally, they topped it off with lavender liqueur. 

Then, Divya Gugnani, Co-founder of Wander Beauty talked about managing her time both personal and professional. To have a fruitful and long life is to invest in relationships. Be a sponge, whether you are entering a new personal or professional relationship, you can learn so much from others. 

Next, we had the Future Trends Panel with Leeane Locken, Former Real Housewife, Dory Jackson, Entertainment Journalist, and Dani Schaffer, "City Girl Gone Mom" Influencer.

Monique Samuels, former Real Housewife and Artist, moderated the panel as they talked about the future and what their rituals look like. Dani is currently trying to stay afloat with her youngest son who became a viral sensation in 2020. Dani believes in staying true to yourself and doing things that are impactful. Dory realized she had to get back to her own self and have more fun with what she posts instead of focusing on what she thinks people will like. LeeAnne wants to give back to her community, especially with her dedication to non-profit organizations. LeeAnne believes in authenticity and says authentic people are attractive. 

Next, Bjornstierne from Champagne Around the World talked about the largest independent source for Champagne information in the world. They offer a cool concept called Champagne hiking along with the champagne masterclass.

Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Aesthetician, was up next and talked about beauty from the inside out. She talked about the importance of knowing what you are putting in your body and understanding that your skin is responding to the environment it is in. 

Then, Annie Graham, founder of XO Treatment Room, talked about the main things people need in their skincare routine including sunscreen and keeping it simple. There are some non-negotiables in the routine including washing your face both morning and night. 

Next up, Social Media Hacks For The Aspiring Influencer 

Dana Hasson, Social Media Influencer and Tik Tok Star encouraged us to just do it. Create an account and find your niche. Going viral takes time, you need to be patient. Watching other peoples videos and being on the app all the time is going to be most helpful. Engagement is key. 

Next up we had Balbina, founder of Life Maid Easy, talked about the eco-friendly and sustainable services they offer both in Vancouver and Toronto. The company started ten years ago and they noticed a gap in the market for cleaning services that are environmentally friendly. Not only do people love pet and kid friendly cleaning but they also love outsourcing the daily activities that need to be done. 

Then, Andrew from Twelve South talked about looking your best online and the  products they offer for iPhones, iPads, laptops. His brand's products include laptop stands and iPad stands. Andrew discussed the importance of elevating up your device so you are getting the best comfort and angles for you and the camera. 

Next up we had Rhiannon, a Certified Nutritionist at Organika, talked all about detox and how it does not take a huge change in your diet for it to work. Rhiannon talked about the importance of bowel movements and if you need help, magnesium citrate is going to be your best friend.  

Then, Ayelen from NETCOINS informed us about what bitcoin is and helped us understand a little bit more. Bitcoin is digital money that is not managed by central authorities such as the government or banks. Most people use it like gold; they buy it to invest in it. 

Next up was Finding Your Purpose + Getting Real On How To Achieve It with Tai Beauchamp, Host and Founder of Brown Girl Jane.

Tai started interning while in college at a magazine publisher and then started working for Oprah right out of college. Tai believes showing up differently and constantly is part of the world she works in. She also talked about starting her own company and prioritizing wellness and health which should be the goal for everyone. “We need to help young woman define on their terms.”

Next up was Shay and Jeff from Shay Pierre Candles who started this company as a couple. Amidst all the craziness of 2020, they decided to share their ritual of lighting candles with the world. Lighting a candle to them means creating a sense of peace in their home when the world around them is not very peaceful. They created their candle scents around their travel experiences.

Next up we had Autumn Weimann who is a bestselling author of “Girl Who Bangs” with a huge social media following and JB who is a police officer. They talked about their key rituals and how they work together. They always make sure to make time for each other even though they do work together every week. One of their favorite rituals is going out to a coffee shop on New Years Eve and writing down their goals on a piece of paper. This ritual helps remind them of what is really important throughout their busy year. They believe in making time for each other and planning date nights. 

Then, Katherine from Nth Degree talked about the company and the products they offer, specializing in men’s underwear and loungewear. Customers love how soft and luxurious the materials feel without even trying it on. 

Meagan and Chelsea of Modern Day Wife, visited Diane's Lingerie in Vancouver and chatted with Sharon, owner of Diane’s Lingerie. Sharon talked about the importance of listening to the customer and understanding what they want because it is all about that right fit. 

Next up, Maria Quiban, a News Personality in LA, started her career as an intern in Hawaii where she grew up. She talked about the importance of sharing your dreams and your goals because you never know who you are going to meet who will help meet your goals. Her book was inspired by her husband who was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. Being able to balance her work and mom life takes a village. Maria talked about the amazing team she has behind her and finding that right community who is going to be there for you. 

Next, Joanne started Meadowfoam and its amazing product line in 2014. One of her main inspirations was to create candles. They are created so you can have one or two candles burning at once and the scent won’t become overwhelming. For those who have children or curious pets at home, she also offers diffusers to offer that same feeling as a candle, but much safer for you and the environment as well. 

We want to offer our deepest thanks to everyone who attended the event and to those who have joined this growing community. We felt inspired and ready to establish those rituals after getting to listen to so many great and motivational speakers. Again, thank you for making this night so special and we cannot wait for you to join us at our next digital event on May 16th.