Create a Self-Care Ritual With Enzuri Beauty

Create a Self-Care Ritual With Enzuri Beauty

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 21 January, 2022

Let me introduce you to Kisha Tyrrell and a skincare brand that you should absolutely incorporate into your life. 

Enzuri Beauty is a luxurious, simple, safe and effective skincare brand for women that value taking time to care for themselves. Created by Kisha Tyrrell, Enzuri Beauty is rooted in hope, healing, and renewal.

Not too long ago, Kisha lost her soulmate. They had dreams of raising their son together and living a fabulous life; however, cancer had other plans. When he passed, Kisha suddenly became a single mom and found herself shifting into overdrive, while taking care and supporting her son mentally, emotionally, and physically. As someone who has always said “yes” to everything, she found that “exhausted” became her new normal. She began to experience breakouts, and dryness, noticing that she looked just as tired as she had felt. As someone who had never had any issues with her skin, she knew she had to stop and take a step back to ask herself “what is really going on.” She had to figure out what she needed to thrive. 

With a bit of stillness and a lot of gratitude, Kisha was able to fall back in love with taking care of her skin, body, and spirit. She focussed on what made her feel good and as she did this, more good showed up in her life. Skincare showed her that self-care should not be a tough decision. 

With that, Enzuri Beauty was born. 

“I embarked on a quest to discover luxury skincare that caters to the unique issues affecting women – uneven skin-tones, loss of elasticity, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The Enzuri Beauty experience is about creating rituals to fall in love with caring for your skin.” –Kisha Tyrrell

Enzuri Beauty has an uncompromising demand for quality. All products are formulated with high performance ingredients and are cruelty free, gluten free, vegan, phthalate free, paraben free, synthetic color free, and synthetic fragrance free. This attention to quality ensures that you will get a luxury, non-toxic, skincare collection, including cleanser, toner, and serums for both day and night. 

What makes Enzuri Beauty products especially unique is that it reflects the beautiful island of Bermuda where Kisha was born and raised. Bermuda is known for its pristine pink-sand beaches, reef-fringed clear blue water, historical ambience, and unique architecture, all of which played a role in the creation of the brand. 

“From the clean, high-quality ingredients, to the glass bottle packaging, every detail is about the experience of Enzuri Beauty, delivering the utmost luxury and unparalleled efficacy.”-- Kisha Tyrrell

The name “Enzuri” is a combination of the word “Enso,” a Japanese symbol, and “Uzuri,” a Swahili word which means beauty. The Enso is a representation of enlightenment, beauty, luxury, simplicity, the strength that we all have inside of us, complete yet incomplete. This is all a reminder of the woman Kisha is. From her logo to her product names, she wants to ensure that images and words are used to reflect positive affirmation and words to inspire women and honor their truth. 

Kisha truly believes that you are the best version of yourself when you embrace what makes you unique. She loves that she can encourage women to think differently about how they care for their skin. 

“Everyone deserves to feel and look their best. I always say that beautiful skin is a lifestyle.  Beauty fosters a sense of community, so my way of serving is to help elevate the way women care for their skin and overall well-being.”-- Kisha Tyrrell 

If Kisha had to choose one product as her favorite it would be the Powerful Serum. This serum is scientifically-formulated with all-natural ingredients like, Vitamin C, B3, B5, E, and Ferulic Acid - which combined, fights free radicals, brightens the skin, diminishes fine lines, evens skin tone and repairs the skin to it’s timeless appearance. At the start of her day, she says a few affirmations, recognizing that her words and thoughts have power. So, she looks in the mirror and tells herself she is a goddess and to remember how powerful she is.

Though this may be her favorite, all products are created to help you have a sensorial and beautiful experience to enjoy during every step of your skin care ritual. 

You can find these wonderful beauty products at or on Instagram @enzuribeauty.

Kisha is involved in every aspect of the business and is continually fascinated by ingredients and products. She is looking forward to growing Enzuri Beauty into a brand that can help make a difference in people’s lives.