Live Your Beauty Dreams at Glamifornia Style Lounge

Live Your Beauty Dreams at Glamifornia Style Lounge

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 21 January, 2022

Whether it’s The Big Day, a night out, a photoshoot, or simply time to revamp your look and relax, Glamifornia Style Lounge is here for all of your beauty and wellness needs.

Located on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for those non-Californians) in beautiful Malibu, Glamifornia Style Lounge (GSL) offers hair styling, cuts, colors, blowdrys, mani-pedis, lashes, extensions, massages, facials, and weekly wellness sessions. Needless to say, they do it all. 

When Terah Tidy created Glamifornia Style Lounge, she was heavily inspired by the world renowned, trend-setting community of Malibu. She loved the panache, class, and beach culture that Malibu has to offer, and thought her concept would be the perfect fit. 

“We are bohemian, chic in style, and on the pulse of the latest trends in hair, fashion, art, and wellness.” –Terah Tidy 

GSL is line no other because it’s not simply a salon. It is a boho-chic cutting edge hybrid of an art studio and beauty salon. By combining beauty, wellness, art, and fashion, GSL curates an artistic look that is unique to each client’s individual style, while setting the standard of beauty in Malibu. 

One of the best parts about GSL is the culture. Glamifornia Style Lounge is all about teamwork and co-inspiration, like a group of artists working together to create a masterpiece. Only the best stylists work there and only the best products are used, including Tidy’s Madflower Pure Essence Line. When you visit GSL you know that you will receive the highest quality services. 

One of Tidy’s favorite parts about her business is setting trends and helping her clients achieve their beauty goals as they define and curate their special look. 

“Working with my brilliant team creates a superb synergy that sets the recipe for clients’ happiness and that gives me the utmost satisfaction.” –Terah Tidy 

Now five years old, Glamifornia Style Lounge has grown rapidly in its level and clientele. They now offer concierge and exclusive membership services. While you should definitely try to visit this one of a kind boutique, if you can’t make it, they will come to you! Hotel suite, home, wedding venue or cinematic shooting location, GSL wants to help you radiate beauty from the inside and out. 

Glamifornia Style Lounge is open 24/7 Thursday through Monday and offers private partnership beauty membership opportunities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Although it’s best to book ahead, GSL makes every effort to accommodate quick appointment requests. Head over to their website at