Emptied Products Part 4

Emptied Products Part 4

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 30 July, 2021

Trader Joe's Hydrating Hyaluronic Gel Cream

One of our favorite ingredients makes this product incredibly moisturizing. After using hyaluronic acid for years on our faces and neck, it's great to see that there's yet another product with this ingredient for the body. We love the price, too, it's a total steal at $6. 

Lush's Jasmine & Henna Hair Treatment

We love a good oil treatment to protect our hair before a shampoo; bonus points if it has a mixture of coconut, almond, and Brazil nut oils. Henna is also included in this product, which promises to enhance the level of shine in your hair. It has an added bonus of smelling unique, somewhat floral and somewhat medicinal, which is a relatively soothing scent.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

A new holy grail for us. After seeing how amazing Olaplex's No. 3 and No. 0 (and basically the whole line, for that matter), we had to test out this newer release, and it literally turns our strands into silk. The infusion of Olaplex's bonding technology and various oils is great for using on both dry and damp hair. It's also made in California, which is always a positive. 

Eucerin Hydrating Cleansing Gel

A mild, fragrance free cleanser, this cleansing gel removes all impurities while keeping your skin soothed and moisturized, thanks in part to the hyaluronic acid. What's not to love?

These products have been great for the summer so far. What are your favorite products during these months? Leave a comment to let us know!