Summer Fashion Tips with Afi Like Taffy

Summer Fashion Tips with Afi Like Taffy

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 28 July, 2021

We were so thrilled to have had Afi Like Taffy present at our Vault Member weekly webinar this past Friday.

We met Afi in June at the Modern Day Wife's Pop-Up Influencer Event at The Sparkle Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. We totally hit it off - Afi has an Italian husband, Meghan, our Co-Founder, has a Persian husband, love of fashion in common, the love of a great social event - and a new relationship bloomed!

We asked Afi to speak about fashion at our weekly webinar as she is epitome of fashion. She is a stylist, spent years working at Saks Fifth Avenue, and has an impeccable eye.

At her webinar, she shared her Summer Fashion Tips which we absolutely loved. We asked if we could share it with you - and Afi, said "yes!"

So here we are - Summer Fashion Tips with Afi Like Taffy! Give her a follow on instagram after reviewing her amazing looks!