End of October finally means Thanksgiving

End of October finally means Thanksgiving

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 11 November, 2021

End of October finally means Thanksgiving is here!

It’s time to tuck those spooky decorations and bring Thanksgiving decor out! To put things in perspective,Thanksgiving is three weeks out which means we have some time to prepare. However, with the supply crisis going on, we need things sooner rather than later. So here is your grocery list that we are curating just for you -- and especially for you Trader Joe Fans.

If you’ve never been in a Trader Joe’s, after this blog read, please head to your local store because they have a plethora of amazing products. They also have fabulous holiday goodies i.e Chocolate advent calendars for $0.99! 

Here's your grocery list:
  1. Harvest Apple Salad Kit. Truly, this looks wonderful and tasty. A mix of leafy greens with dried apple slices with a hint of cinnamon. We’d say that’s a yes on our list.
  2. Maple Streusel Bread, warm it up and put on a small dollop of pumpkin butter or spread, so delicious!
  3. Thanksgiving Pie Chocolate Truffles. This is seasonal, and they are small bundle of heaven, just so good. 
  4. Italian Ground Espresso. If you enjoy a nice cup of espresso, this is a must. Just one will be enough to kickstart your morning. 
  5. Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned kettle chips. We’re eager and curious to try these. Based on the description, they are rightly blended with salt, celery, sage and thyme. Either way they look pretty good! 

Let us know on @themoderndaywife Instagram your favorites!