Event Recap: Back to Business with the Business Babes

Event Recap: Back to Business with the Business Babes

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 05 October, 2020

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The Modern Day Wife recently attended The Back To Business conference hosted by Business Babes Collective. Our founder, Meagan Ayres, has known the Business Babes Collective founder, Danielle Wiebe from the Vancouver community and we wanted to cheer Danielle and her team on! For this event, they partnered with Ally Global, a Vancouver-based charity that supports survivors of human trafficking through safe homes, education and job training in Asia. The event included an online marketplace with sponsors such as Soirée by Ria, One Tough Mother, and Tile, Timber N Thread to name a few.  This event did not disappoint as it was a day filled with empowering women and advice from the experts.

The event kicked off with an introduction from the women behind the magic, Danielle, Lauren, Rachel, and Alisha. The first speaker, Vivian Kaye started the morning with a vibrant, educational session about the CHADs of the world, you all know him the guy who thinks he’s all that in the office. She tells us that we can learn a thing or two from the CHADs, such as being confident in ourselves. She left us with this, “the only people we bend over backwards for is ourselves and our children”. Well said Vivian! 

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Throughout the day, attendees had a chance to explore the different masterclasses offered by amazing professionals including personal branding expert Monique Bryant, and marketing mentor Shannon Lutz. These experts gave their top tips to provide sure results in your business. 

The day followed with three fireside chats. Arielle Estoria, poet, speaker, and author reminded the attendees to remember the origin of their business, to be authentic with their followers and interactions they have. She also talked about taking “social media siestas” saying that,  “Burnout is not pretty for anyone! It [your work] will be there at the end of the day for you, it won’t be there for you if it's not for you.” 

Gabby Male, Mik Zazon and Ashley Freeborn chatted about influencer marketing. Their key takeaways were to be your authentic self, engage with your followers and don’t worry about the number [of followers]. They stressed the importance of having an equal relationship between brand and influencers and being sure to communicate often about that relationship. No one likes a one-way relationship, right?! When reaching out for different partnerships, Ashley tells us, “Aim high, you’d be surprised about how receptive people can be!” 

International business leader, Sajani Amarasiri and public speaking expert, Jam Gamble spoke about the importance of staying true to your values. Jam reminded everyone “Your voice is your ultimate superpower [...] stop worrying about what people are going to think or say!” 

The day ended with a closing panel from the Business Babes, giving us insight to how they began their collective. Founder of Business Babes Collective, Danielle Wiebe, emphasized that the number of followers, event attendees, etc. don’t equal the worth of your business. It's knowing that you made an impact in someone's life, which makes what you’re doing worth it all. They spoke about how the pandemic has caused a pivot in our lifestyles, allowing us to lean one one another and being raw and real about the feelings of fear and uncertainty. 

Attendees left the conference feeling a sense of community with one another. They made comments such as “this is exactly what I needed!” and “this was a big virtual hug everyone’s been yearning for”. The Business Babes allowed for people to come together and recognize that they are not alone during this time; that it is okay to feel all the emotions and that we will come back stronger as we head Back to Business. 

Personal Testimonial: 

“The Back to Business Conference left me feeling empowered and well equipped with new insights and skills. As a young professional, I felt that each of the speakers had valuable information to share with the audience. It was as though I was speaking with a mentor, but at the same time felt as comfortable as chatting with a friend. The ladies of the Business Babes collective curated the ideal event and I am excited to see what events they create in the future!” -Bridget Kiley