How to: Facial Rolling

How to: Facial Rolling

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 26 April, 2021
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Similar to foam rolling, jade rolling our faces helps immensely with any sort of puffiness in the face. The importance of releasing the fascial tissues in our faces is understated. Luckily, this method can be done quickly, during a shower, or as an integral part of your beauty routine. 

All day, we’re making expressions with our faces – of course our muscles would become a bit strained over time. It’s time to give these muscles some love with our favorite jade rolling techniques!

Neck Massage

Starting at the neck and rolling downwards to the center of the body and heart also induces better blood flow. 

Jawline Massage

Roll upward from the mentalis muscle (the chin), toward the scalp and temples on the right side. Do this 5 times, and repeat on the left side. 

Cheek Massage

Start at the bridge of your nose and roll upwards, toward your scalp or temples again. 

Forehead Massage

Place the roller between the eyebrows. Massage in an upward direction, repeating all over the forehead. 

Eye Massage

Using the smaller end of your roller, place it at the interior, underneath your eye. Roll it outwards with a gentle touch. 

Eyebrow Massage

Using the roller to relax the eyebrows is surprisingly effective at releasing a lot of tightness. We use our eyebrows to convey so much emotion; this can obviously lead to a lot of tension (which typically goes unnoticed) in this area. Begin by putting the roller at the inner left brow; massage outwards, lifting at the temples or end of the eyebrow. Repeat as necessary.

Lip Massage

Apply your roller at your philtrum (fancy word for the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip). Massage upwards and outwards around your mouth, just to the sides of your nose. 

BeautyBio makes a nice facial roller and who can beat their amazing packaging? You can also check out Allure magazine's list of best jade rollers for a full list.

Have you tried facial rolling? Leave a comment telling us which one is your favorite!