How To: Use Hair Curlers

How To: Use Hair Curlers

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 10 January, 2021

My whole life, I thought heating tools were the only acceptable way to curl my hair. However, a lot of tutorials have been done to show how amazing hair curlers are and how only a small part of your locks actually need a curling iron. Thanks to these updated new tools, today we can have the soft and cascading spirals of dreams and magazine editorials.

(© Tim Mossdale/Pexels)

For this tutorial, a curling iron (or hair straightener), wide curlers, bobby pins, hair clips, and various styling items are needed. We’ve listed our favorite products in the below steps. 

Step no. 1: With damp hair, apply this mousse to act as a prepping lotion. Comb through the hair, ensuring all the strands are covered. We want to keep the hair protected as much as we can to prevent damage. This step could also be skipped entirely if you decide to use second day hair. 

Step no. 2: With dry hair, apply a heat protecting hair spray. We love this this mistor this hair spray (pictured below), for a protectant. Again, coat the hair entirely, so that the strands are pliant and slightly sticky.  

(© Sephora)

Step no. 3: Section your hair in pieces to be curled, securing each section with a bobby pin or hair clip. 

Step no. 4: Grab a sectioned off portion of your hair and apply either a curling iron (or flat iron) to the strands. Immediately after heating this section, wrap your hair in a jumbo curler, and attach it to your scalp, securing it back to your scalp. Repeat this step with the remainder of your hair.

(© Ulta)

Step no. 5: Keep your hair in the curlers until it has cooled down. 

Step no. 6: Remove the curlers and enjoy your new curls! Set with a bit more hairspray to your desired hold strength. 

If you really want to keep this hair style, use a dry shampoo to freshen the roots (we love this one by Klorane) and keep your hair from becoming damp by wrapping a towel around it in the shower—it’ll prevent humidity from ruining your hard earned curls, which, after all the love you've just put into your hair, is the last thing you deserve. 

Happy Curling!