Meet IT Woman: Sarah Bohdanova, Founder and CEO of The Femininity Project

Meet IT Woman: Sarah Bohdanova, Founder and CEO of The Femininity Project

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 26 July, 2023

In honor of our "Out Of Office" IT Box, our IT Box Summer Edit for 2023, we're thrilled to bring to you this Q & A with one our IT Women! Please meet Sarah, Founder and CEO of The Femininity Project!

1)     Could you tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start The Femininity Project?

After coaching women for almost 18 years on the dance floor, I noticed that so many of them were struggling to embrace their femininity.

Between balancing their careers, navigating their relationships, and feeling so out of sync with what culture says women “should” and “shouldn’t be”, they were exhausted.

With all that going on, it’s easy to feel confused, disconnected, and stuck in your masculine. Trying to do “all the things”, without getting any real results to show for it. Instead of operating from a place of confidence, presence, and joy, most were just trying to keep their head above water.  

I witnessed the profound change in my clients when they were given real tools to access their femininity. Instead of it being these intangible concepts or something they should hide to get ahead, I noticed the more they poured into their femininity, the better their lives went. From their confidence to their relationships to their careers.  

I absolutely loved this work and the impact it was making in the women’s lives that I coached, so I traded in my rhinestones and dance shoes to build a business that helps women own their confidence, rediscover parts of themselves they thought were long lost, and create relationships and the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed about.

2)     We know that you recently launched your podcast The Femininity Project with Sarah Bohdanova, could you tell us more about this and some topics you plan to cover in the upcoming episodes? 

I wanted to create a special space for women. A little retreat where they get to tap into their femininity and get tangible tools to create real results in their life.

I’m sharing a lot of what I do with my private clients. We’re talking about how to get intentional about your own Femininity Project, how to establish rituals that nourish and support you, unlocking keys to healthy relationships and understanding polarity, how to elevate your body language, communication, and style, and tips on living vibrantly.

It's like a happy hour that comes with a goody bag of takeaways at the end!  

3)     We love that you're a professional dancer and a world professional semi-finalist! Could you tell us about how your background as a dancer has influenced you in launching your heels course? 

There are some things that are uniquely feminine.

Heels, red lipstick, lingerie, to name a few…

They are tools that help women to embrace their femininity and sensuality.

The problem with that is, if you don’t know how to use that tool, instead of feeling sexy, feminine, and beautiful, you instead feel awkward and self-conscious.

I found this to be the majority of women’s experience in heels.

In my competitive dance career, I had to wear heels 12 hours a day, multiple days in a row. To get results on the dance floor I had to look great, but to preserve my body long-term I also needed to feel good in heels and avoid pain and injury.

So, I studied body mechanics and body language extensively. I know from experience that learning how to walk in heels correctly is not a simple “walk in a straight line” “walk heel to toe” and “swing your hips” like most YouTube tutorials would have you believe. For women to truly feel comfortable they need to understand how to wear them correctly.

And what started as a few clients asking me for some pointers, turned into in-person workshops, then online coaching, and ultimately I took my entire system and turned it into the heels course. A system that could teach women how to walk in heels in under a month, and in less than 30 minutes a week! 

My goal was to make it accessible for any woman (and age and body type) to learn how to walk in heels without pain and feel sexy, feminine, and confident when they do.

4)     Are there any projects or upcoming collaborations that you're currently working on that excite you? What about them interests you the most?

Yes! I’m currently working on my Art of Dating course!

Male-female dynamics have always fascinated me, and I’ve studied them for as long as I can remember! It also happens to be one of the most requested topics I get asked to cover.

When it comes to dating, the current narrative and conversation about relationships is, both parties try to villainize each other. Men say, “All women are ____.” Women say, “All men are ____.” Often times running to draw these drastic absolute conclusions based on a handful of negative experiences. Instead of focusing the conversation on how to build and develop fruitful, harmonious, and fun relationships that are beneficial to everyone involved.

There is also a big battle going on right now trying to eradicate the differences between men and women. The problem with this is men and women are not the same. We are absolutely equal in value, but in motivations, behaviors, and hormones, we couldn’t be more different.  

We all want to have passionate and healthy relationships. But if we don’t understand men, and we just treat them like we treat women, this is never going to happen. Yes, of course, there are certain situations where men and women do things wrong, but there is also the situation when this rule applies, “not wrong, just different”.

The profound question becomes how you determine which one is it. Is it wrong? Or is it just different?

In this course we’re going to be exploring the differences between men and women (and why it’s such a beautiful thing that these differences exist!), how to access your femininity and stop self-sabotaging behaviors, how to assess and attract a high-value partner, and so much more.

In my private coaching, I’ve seen women who’ve been unsuccessful in love do a complete 180 in their love life. It’s so beautiful to watch them get into these great relationships and get engaged.

I wanted to take what I was doing one on one and bring it to a larger audience.

Keep your eye out for the course this fall!