Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Farrah LaRae

Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Farrah LaRae

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 22 November, 2022

With the holidays comes the Modern Day Wife's Holiday Edit IT Box - a staple in our collection of products for our audience. We bring the latest products and the must have products for the season to you via our mega-packed IT Box. This season's Holiday Edit is our favorite so far! And, in the same tradition, we elicit some of our favorite leading ladies to represent the IT Box whom we title our "It Women." So, we'd love to introduce you to one of our amazing IT Women, Farrah LaRae! Meet Farrah...

What has been your favorite product or products so far to use or enjoy from the 2022 Holiday IT Box?

I am genuinely in love with all of the items from the Holiday IT Box, but a few that really stand out are the Miss Spa eye masks, Glayco eye cream, the WEN (by Chaz Dean) perfume and the Elims toothpaste. I have always been big on using quality products that excite me and make an impact, and I must say that the items that were carefully curated for this years box are phenomenal!

What is your first book, “When A Friend Can’t Find Forgiveness” all about?

Back in 2016, I had a best friend who passed away. She was someone who came into my life and made a remarkable impact with her charm, creativity, passion and joy. When she passed away, we hadn’t spoken in months due to a a misunderstanding and this really took a toll on me. I harbored pain in my heart from a variety of things, and had to find a way to forgive myself and her for the untimely end to our friendship, and ultimately her life. In this book, I offer tools for overcome guilt, coping with grief and rising above the pain to continue living a beautiful life and honoring those we love. The book is available on for ebook, paperback and hardcover copies. 

What tips do you have for finding business success?

Everyone’s measure of success is different so I think the most important first step to take is defining what that looks like to you. Does success look like dollars and cents? Is it impact? Is it defined by how your family sees you? Is it growth or change? Whatever you value as the determination of success will decide once you know you’ve reached it. What I will say, is that no matter what you see as success, it’s going to take commitment, hard-work, consistency, patience and resilience. 

What does it mean to be a business boss babe? 

My definition of a Boss Babe is someone who shows up and gets things done! We are driven by our desire to impact change and inspire others along the way. We are not stifled by failures, no’s or disappointment, instead we find ways to pivot and evolve as the journey continues and we learn and grow. Life is not easy and it’s full of surprises, but true Boss Babes Lead with passion to do the things that we were placed on the earth to do!

What can you tell us about LaRae Skin?

With our dermatologist tested formula, we un-complicate your skincare routine by providing positive ingredients with a deeper than skin meaning. Each of our products are rooted in the belief that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When you apply Laraé Skin products, it's important to remind yourself the truth of who you are according to the word of God. You will find a scripture on each of our products that serve as a sweet reminder and inspire the luxurious experience you have with Laraé Skin. 

And there you have it, our IT Women of Holiday 2022, Farrah LaRae! You can grab an IT Box, our Canada or US Version, by visiting @themoderndaywife on Instagram, clicking our link in bio and choosing US or Canada IT Box!