Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Jane Stoller

Meet our Holiday Edit IT Box IT Woman: Jane Stoller

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 22 November, 2022


With the holidays comes the Modern Day Wife's Holiday Edit IT Box - a staple in our collection of products for our audience. We bring the latest products and the must have products for the season to you via our mega-packed IT Box. This season's Holiday Edit is our favorite so far! And, in the same tradition, we elicit some of our favorite leading ladies to represent the IT Box whom we title our "It Women." So, we'd love to introduce you to one of our amazing IT Women, Jane Stoller! Meet Jane...

  1. What has been your favorite product or products so far to use or enjoy from the 2022 Holiday IT Box?

The Glacyo Eye Cream. it is amazing and I discovered their Anti-aging serum from the last box and I loved it. I am also using the Purlisse BB cheek colour almost everyday too so I guess I have two favourites!

  1. What is Organized Jane and what does it offer?

Organized Jane helps people and businesses get organized. What started as a lifestyle business helping people organize their, "stuff" and homes is now focused on helping women entrepreneurs organize their businesses, using the six-step signature process I share in my Business Booster course.

  1. How do you stay organized in all aspects of your life?

I get asked this question a lot and my mantra has not changed since I started this business five years ago. Organizing is a lifestyle, but it isn’t one-size-fits-all. Incorporating organizing into your life shouldn’t, ultimately, involve changing who you are, but rather maximizing it. Knowing where your favourite socks are, and having them stored correctly, means you’ll be able to wear your favourite socks more often and look better doing it. Similarly, packing properly for a once-in-a-lifetime trip means you’ll be able to enjoy that trip even more.

 Remember: being organized doesn’t mean thinking about organizing all the time. Ideally, being organized means that you don’t have to think about organizing all the time—because you do it automatically, as an organic part of your everyday routine. And you can only reach this level of organizing bliss by making sure your organizing systems and routines are perfectly adapted to your goals, personality, and needs. Again: organizing is a lifestyle, but it needs to be your lifestyle. My course really focuses on the processes and systems of your entire life. 

  1. Given your business success, what tips do you have for women who are interested in the same career path?

 As with any new business or idea for a business, believe that your passion and skills are worthwhile and find other people who are already successful at doing this! Communities such as, The Modern Day Wife, are a great place to find like-minded entrepreneurs and help you to grow this. Then hire a coach and get started.. and then hire another coach as you scale.

  1. What is Decluttering for Dummies all about?

 Decluttering for Dummies isn’t to simply inspire you to declutter one or more of your spaces or show you how to go about it. The goal of decluttering is to be able to live your life the way you want to live it by determining your goals, figuring out where there are blockages, and figuring out what’s holding you back from achieving what you desire. Then you clear the clutter to help you create the life you deserve.

This book helps you identify which items in your home are truly clutter and what is taking up mental space unnecessarily, which is often overlooked. When you’re always hunting for your keys that you lost (again) or searching for your favorite blouse, you will become stressed and distracted, which keeps you from making progress toward your goals. Clutter can be difficult to identify, which is likely why you picked up this book in the first place. Clutter can range from obvious trash to very expensive, large things. To make the issue even more complicated, clutter is different for every person. One person’s clutter is another person’s joy. Thus, decluttering needs to be an individual quest. Each person will have a different approach to decluttering depending on their lifestyle, and this book will help you determine a method that works for you. The first step is to determine your personal cluttering style. 

This book is organized into 3 main parts and today I think we are overly digitally cluttered so that is one of my favorite and most relevant chapters within this part. 

» Decluttering your mind
» Decluttering your home spaces
» Decluttering your workspace and digital life 

 Want to learn more? So do we! Check out Jane at @organizedjane and grab your IT Box by visiting @themoderndaywife and choosing the US or Canada IT Box using the links in our bio. Happy shopping and organizing!