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Meet Our "IT" Women of 2021! Featuring: Jana Wollesen

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 29 November, 2021

Say hello to Jana Wollesen! 

Jana is passionate about empowering other women, whether it’s through life coaching, business events or her social media content!

Based in Vancouver, Jana works as creative director and graphic designer, helping businesses with their visual identity and graphics. She also runs her own life coaching business and is launching a new program for women that have experienced abusive relationships and trauma. 

Along with this, Jana is the creator and host of Divine Feminine Expression, an event to help women explore their depths and to accept all that they are. Her resources can be found on her Instagram @Jana.wollesen.

Jana is continually inspired by being able to birth new creative ideas from challenges she’s experienced. She believes that the first, and most important, step to embracing who you are as a woman, is to be honest with yourself. 

“Honesty is the gateway to authentic expression. And there is nothing more powerful than a woman standing in her truth.” --Jana Wollesen

She recommends spending time with yourself, exploring your emotions, thoughts, where you’ve been, and how that affects who you are today. 

Jana hopes to inspire women by being raw in sharing her own experiences and reminding women that we are not our struggles and that we can do it all!

So how does Jana balance doing it all?

A well organized and intuitive schedule. Certain times of day are more favorable for her creative work, but splitting up workload for her individual business on specific days really helps her productivity. 

Having boundaries as a freelancer is essential. Jana stops taking calls at 6pm during the week and she stopped working weekends to have time for social life, relationships and church. 

Jana has some big goals for her career in 2022. She is working to start a podcast that corresponds with her new coaching program, “Called to Heal” and she is writing her first book! She also shared her personal goal of starting a family. 

Jana really enjoys helping other women embrace all that they are. She hopes women would remember this,  

“It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, we as women are able to do it all.” --Jana Wollesen