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Meet Our "IT" Women of 2021! Featuring: Nichole Harvey

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 29 November, 2021

Say hello to Nichole Harvey! 

Whether it’s her home, outfit, makeup or lifestyle, Nichole is passionate about enhancing anything and everything, and she enjoys inspiring others to do the same! 

Based in Santa Cruz, Nichole is an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three. About four years ago, she realized that as much as she loves being a mom and wife, she needed a way to express who she is as a person. 

After following other women’s blogs for years, it finally occurred to her that she could create a blog of her own. House of Harvey was born. This was the perfect way for her to share her thoughts and style with other women, and hopefully inspire them to enhance their own lives!

House of Harvey features content on everything from fashion, beauty and lifestyle, to travel, food, family and home. If you are looking to enhance, embrace, or beautify your life, you should definitely head on over to the site for some inspiration.

In the meantime, Nichole has some advice for those who are interested…get out of your comfort zone.

I know it’s so much easier said than done, but you’ll never really be able to see your true potential until you do. Take those risks, make those moves and be that beautiful person God created you to be!” --Nichole Harvey 

Being a mom, wife and content creator, Nichole leads a busy life. She admits sometimes it’s a challenge to manage it all. Some days are a win, and others are not. She tries to remember to give herself grace, especially when things don’t go the way she planned them.

However, Nichole does have some tricks to balance it all. 

Every morning, Nichole takes some time to ground herself before the chaos of the day begins. She will sit by herself, have her coffee and read her Bible. She also believes that exercise helps enhance her mood, and prepare for all that the day will bring.

A few times a month, Nichole and her husband, Paul, will have date nights. Both having such a busy schedule, it’s important for their marriage to have time with just each other, away from everything else. 

Lastly, Nichole is actively working on putting her phone down once the kids are home from school. It’s important for her to be truly present when she’s with them. Sometimes, it can be a struggle. There are deadlines or reasons that don’t allow her to cram everything in before everyone’s home, but that’s where the grace comes in!

Above all, Nichole encourages other women to be themselves and not compare themselves to others. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing, or what they have, or what they look like, but if you spend your time focusing on them, you’ll be missing out on what you could be achieving.”-- Nichole Harvey 

As 2022 approaches, Nichole does not have any specific goals, but she really wants to continue to grow as a person, especially in her faith. She looks forward to embracing new experiences, going with the flow more, and inspiring as many people as she can along the way!

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