New Date Ideas for You & Your Partner

New Date Ideas for You & Your Partner

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 13 November, 2021

New Date Ideas with your Partner

You and your partner have been hustling with work or kids, or both among other things. There’s almost little to no time together.  Holidays are coming up, family is coming over, the teens are coming back from college and it’s going to be a busy two months! However, Modern Day Wife has curated a list of new date ideas with you and beau to make it through these holidays, check them out! 

  1. Breweries and or Distilleries.  Wherever you guys are currently residing, there’s always a local brewery or distillery around. With the major holidays right around the corner, there will be holiday themed drinks! 
  2. A play at the theatre. A Christmas Carol, Hamlet, etc, whichever.  Plays are coming back and thank goodness, that always brings the holiday spirit out of us and gives us an excuse to dress cute and get out of the house. 
  3. Bowling. Who doesn’t love a good session of bowling?  Make it a competition between you and your partner and see who wins with cocktails 'on them'! 
  4. Lounge around at home. Take the kids to their grandparents and enjoy a nice fall day together. Snuggle and watch a movie. Have breakfast together,  play a board game, anything to spend a little extra time together! 
  5. Shopping. This is a must in our books. Check out your downtown local/small businesses, start Christmas shopping early!  Get a little hot cocoa and enjoy a stroll around the city. This is our favorite one. Most cities are starting to get their Christmas lights up and it is dreamy! 

A curated list for you gals, now go enjoy a day with your partner :)