New Job, New You?

New Job, New You?

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 19 November, 2021

New Job, New Industry, Possibly New You?

Have you ever felt stagnant at a job? Ever feel overwhelmed, stressed and just want to throw in the towel? We have those feelings sometimes. In the state that things are currently in, it’s almost impossible not to feel that way. Especially when you may still working remotely (no knock on those who love it though). It may be time to start looking for a new job. It happens. The pandemic has changed a lot of things. We've re-evaluated our goals and purposes in life. Companies are starting to get the hint of this and are making sure their people stay put while also making sure their employees are happy. 

  1. Negotiate your salary. If you are starting a new job, negotiate your salary, this can’t be said enough! Again this is recognizing your value. You never know if you'll get the "deal" unless you ask. Don’t forget about benefits and 401k.
  2. Network! Our junior and senior executives could tell you all about this. Network with everyone you know from past jobs, events and even college.  You never know when an opportunity could arise from just meeting for coffee or a zoom get together. This is Modern Day Wife’s favorite. 
  3. Find your community. Some of the reasons why we love our job so much is because of the company culture and the people. Those individuals make the job so much better and it’s easy to lean on them when times are tough. Modern Day Wife is hopeful you’ll find yours. 
  4. Lastly, your boss. If you have a boss that has your back 100%, you are set. Many companies including their top managers and top execs are starting to accept that people skills are quite necessary to the job; empathy, being approachable, being kind, etc. These are the traits that help make employees stick around and vs. vice versa. 

You will find your dream job, we promise! Be sure to know your value and what you can do to exchange with the company in which you are applying. Let us know what your dream job is on Instagram @TheModernDayWife