Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's

Modern Day Wife x Female Founder Collective's "No Limits" Digital Event Recap

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 21 February, 2021

January 28th was our "No Limits" Digital Event with some extraordinary high level speakers getting us ready to take on 2021. At Modern Day Wife, we are determined to provide resources for you to assist in having it all which inspires these action-packed events. If you were not able to attend this event, I encourage you to read and get in the know! 


DJ Complex Lex (@djcomplexlex) kicked off the show with some great music to get us all excited for the event and year ahead.

Next, we had Alli, a lead director from One Hope Wine, who showed us how to make a fun spritzer cocktail with berries, fresh mint, cranberry juice, and celebration brut. 


Kate, the founder of At Your Table, shared her Valentine’s Day four-course meal with us including salad, spinach and ricotta tortellini, lobster thermidor and potatoes, and a white and dark chocolate mousse for dessert. 

Then we heard from Blended For You who demonstrated how to make one of their delicious smoothies. All you do is pour the blend into a glass and you are good to go. 

Main Event

Actress and producer Marisol Nichols talked about her journey in starting her non-profit organization which addresses the harsh reality of child sex-trafficking. She says even though she is a mom, actress, CEO, and producer, sometimes she just wants to be a girl and enjoy that new show on Netflix. In her own words, “Just keep going, you will figure it out.”

Then, we heard from the founder of Wish, a blow-dry salon in Vancouver. She talked about the importance of blow-outs and their role in making a woman feel like a real-life goddess.


Next, we had the honor to hear from Kendra Bracken-Ferguson who is an entrepreneur who shared her insight on building your brand. Personal branding drives our success and how far we will go in life. 


We then heard from the company Somavedic that works with the power of precious stones to creates a field in which our bodies can regenerate faster. 

Following was the Pudus team, talking about their amazingly comfortable slipper socks and how they wanted to create a company that instilled their family values. 

Chad and Tori Masters, social media influencers and vloggers, were up next for our Power Couple Segment. They talk about their 5 tips to have a healthy relationship and the importance of understanding yourself better to communicate with your partner better. 

For all of our modern day men, we heard from Anthony who talked about Watchgang and the benefits of signing up for a subscription. 

Monique Samuels, TV personality, artist, and founder/CEO of her own company, was up next, talking about keeping it all together. Her husband plays a key role in her success, and having a circle around her that inspires her, keeps her accountable and assists her in achieving her goals. 

Next, Jen from Malvados talked about her comfy slippers and slides. With a background in the sports industry, she wanted to create perfect footwear that will take you from the beach to a party or anywhere you may be going. 

Jacinta, a senior associate from Poppy and Peonies then shared all about the beautiful vegan handbags that can transition for many different occasions. They also offer hair accessories and blue light glasses. 

Up next was Lindsay McCormick, a broadcaster, journalist and entrepreneur. She talked about how to keep your smile - no matter what. Lindsay talked about entering the sports world as a woman, how she has navigated her career and life, and even gave some insider info on her clean diet and clean beauty picks. 

Lexi from Daub + Design, an activewear brand, is based in Vancouver, Canada. Lexi described the clothing as having a casual coolness to it. 

Then we took a trip to Beyond The Hot Room in which our Co-Founder, Meghan Fialkoff, made a visit to prior to the event in LA. This LA-based company offers body scrubs, makeup products, serums and sprays. 

Aly Armstrong shared with us how to get shit done. She is an event planner and former actress. She encouraged us to never stop learning and told us that the hardest part of starting anything is the starting part. 

Next up, Chelsea and Meagan talked about another small business sponsor, Almari Roses. They created beautiful arrangements with roses that last up to 365 days. 

Then, we heard from Rod from Taurus and Leo, custom engagement ring and wedding band specialists. They also offered other beautiful jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. 

For our fitness segment, we heard from Barre Essentials. The founder talked about her different sock styles and the inspiration behind creating them. 

Finally, Angela from Lav + Kush who talked about her products being soft, comfy, and cozy. Her pieces require less but you can wear it everywhere. 

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who attended our event and has joined our growing community. This event featured so many inspiring, successful women who were so gracious to spend the evening with us. Thanks for coming along on the journey and we hope to see you at our next digital event "Fuel your Fire" on February 25th.