Self-Care: It Looks Different For Everyone

Self-Care: It Looks Different For Everyone

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 February, 2021

Self-care has become such a popular phenomenon since the beginning of 2020. The pandemic has surely made its way into all of our lives in one way or another. Once upon a time, home meant peace and serenity for I’m sure plenty of people. However, nowadays a good portion of us are working remotely from home, turning the living room into a classroom for the kids, and basically never leaving the house. Self-care has never been more necessary in our lives!

Although you may not be able to find the time everyday, I highly encourage you to incorporate some type of self-care ritual into your daily or weekly routine. Everyone has their own definition of self-care. We all find different activities and hobbies to be relaxing which is why it is called “self-care”. For some, that may be hunkering down with a good book or maybe a journal that allows you to clear the mind and possibly even get a little distracted for a bit....but in a good way.

Some of us find exercise to be a form of self-care. I personally have been taking advantage of the outdoors a lot more recently by incorporating walks into my daily routine. It is a great way to clear my head and get some fresh air rather than be indoors the majority of the day. Exercise is a great way to treat yourself because you are doing something positive for both your physical and overall well being. 

Another self-care ritual I frequently take part in is having a mini or maybe even major spa day. I hope you can find some time in your busy schedules to treat yourself to a little at-home mani-pedi session. Our hands and feet always need a little extra TLC. If you have the time, take full advantage by running yourself a bath and pouring that nice glass of wine and enjoy soaking in the suds for at least an hour. A face mask or maybe even completing your whole skincare routine will leave your skin feeling glorious which ultimately gives you that extra boost of confidence. 

I am constantly trying to find new self-care activities that I can enjoy more often than once, however, being a coffee fanatic, I will never forego the chance to go for a little drive and pick up some iced coffee (yes, whatever the weather may be). Something new I tried a few weeks ago was taking myself on a little date. I packed a bag of snacks, a book, and a blanket and headed to the beach. It was so refreshing to sit on the sand and listen to the waves as I just sat there and people-watched or read my book. 

Self-care is going to look different for everyone but the important thing is to remember to put yourself first after a whole week or even maybe a whole day of putting others' needs before yours. Put on that mask, pop open that bottle of wine, or paint those nails that beautiful shade of red. You so deserve it.