Fun Cocktails To Spice Up A Night In

Fun Cocktails To Spice Up A Night In

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 February, 2021

Look, I know it’s only about a month into 2021 and some of us are already feeling it. When will I be able to go out with my friends for a ladies night out?! Some of us may be asking ourselves this question on a daily basis. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been able to go out on the town with my friends and not have a care in the world. However, this should not stop us from finding ways to bring the party (safely) home. Wine is always an essential in my household, but I too sometimes crave a little something extra. 

Making cocktails can be a little more work than just pouring some wine into a glass. But I’m here to inspire you to make this a fun (safe) group activity! A group of my friends were getting together every week to just sit and have a mini happy hour together. Some of us were even making our own cocktails at home, in the comfort of our cozy kitchens. 

I say it is never too late to rally a group of friends together over Zoom or FaceTime and create a little cocktail party. Or maybe you’re thinking of new ways to spice up date night at home. Grab your hubby or honey and stir up something delicious! My personal favorite is a classic mojito. All you need is rum, seltzer water, simple syrup, mint, and lime. It’s minty and refreshing, you can never go wrong. 

If lime and mint aren’t your thing, I recently tried a drink called the Winter Rose. Now I’m sure you could give it any name you like but trust me, if you like something a little tart but still sweet, this is the drink for you. This yummy cocktail consists of rose vodka, St. Germain, champagne, lemon, and simple syrup. Add a little lemon peel to feel extra fancy.

However, the list of fun and exciting cocktails could go on and on. There is always the tried and true Cosmopolitan, giving you all the sweet and sour with vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur and citrus. If you are feeling a little more tropical and missing summer, "sex on the beach" will surely remind you of the sun and sand. The classic way to make this colorful concoction is combining vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. Super easy to make and tastes so good. Maybe you want to play it a little safer. If you’re still considering wine, I highly recommend a nice white sangria. Add a little elderflower and a selection of different fruits and you’re all set with your elevated wine beverage. 

We will eventually be able to go out and enjoy these delightful drinks together once again. But until then, don’t let the lockdown blues get the best of you. Spruce up your night at home and be your own bartender!