Valentine's Theme Nail Ideas

Valentine's Theme Nail Ideas

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 February, 2021

Nail art has been part of history in every culture. Women have been growing their nails and lacquering them for eons, and as the tradition evolves, we're always gleaning methods and ideas to discuss and ultimately imitate. We decided to share a few of our favorite manicure artists and to lend you inspiration for your Valentine's Day nail art. 

(image credit: Kayla Jacobs, @switchblvde_nails)

We love the elegant simplicity shown here. This is a versatile look that can be done with baby pink nail polish, and either stickers for the upside down hearts, or with a dotting tool and black nail polish. 

(image credit: Fleury Rose, @fleuryrosenails)

The red heart decals draw in the eye, and they're perfectly balanced with the neutral nail background and sporadically applied rhinestones.  

(image credit: Wilma Boekholt)

(image credit: Andrea S.)

Stickers, like these, transform a nude polish in a flash. 

(image credit: @overglowedit)

In addition to serving major nail inspo, Melanie of @overglowedit also gives us tutorials for making our own little hearts!

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