The Vault Member Spotlight: Albert Ng

The Vault Member Spotlight: Albert Ng

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 19 September, 2022
Meet Vault Member: Albert Ng! Albert is a studio floral designer in Los Angeles, creating high end, exquisite floral arrangements. Albert created a beautiful floral arch at Modern Day Wife's Party by the Pool Event in August 2020 at the Luxe Hotel and we cannot wait to share his story with you! 

More on Albert...

After graduating from fashion school, Albert started working in the bridal business in a management position for 15 years. He took floral arrangement classes as a hobby to balance his personal life and work. He attended the Ohara Ikebana school in Japan to achieve his Masters Certificate, and has been fortunate to study and train under top European floral designers. Albert describes his experience, "The philosophy of the Ikebana taught me that nature becomes a media for creation."

Upon completing his training, Albert started freelancing as a Florist in 2016. 
In 2020 when the pandemic hit, Albert decided to officially launch Albert N Floral which is based in Los Angeles. Albert describes the mission of his company, "I want to bring joy and positive energy to myself and people everywhere. Flowers have the power to heal or light up people's feelings. We have flowers for all our important moments. I hope my floral arrangements will appeal to all five senses of my clients and invoke spiritual well-being."

Albert N Floral provides custom floral arrangements and designs for individuals, corporate events and weddings. Albert describes what makes his business different, "I have a passion for eastern and western cultural influences, and appreciate the simplicity of Ikebana and landscape designs. Organic gardens inspire me to work with texture, lines and color by using the European couture craftsmanship to create arrangements that exude luxury and elegance. This signature style sets me apart to the mass market."

Albert further describes his passion for floral arranging, "I love the whole process from brainstorming to developing and production. However, the biggest payoff should be when I receive a smile from my clients; their happiness pays off whatever I have been through."

Staying balanced between work and personal life? Albert shares his best advice, "Time management is the key. Set up a master calendar for yourself. I always plan far in advance so I have more ease and cushion time to work or play around to avoid unnecessary stress. When everything is well planned, organized and under control, that will make it much easier to manage your career, relationships and social life."
We asked Albert about any adversity he has faced while managing his business. Here is what he had to say, "In the fashion industry, many companies closed down when the pandemic hit. However I just faced it and decided to move forward. I can't see all the awesome things ahead without these lessons behind me."

Check out Albert's amazing Floral Business on Instagram: @albertnfloral We appreciate getting to know more about Albert and his business! We are proud to have him as a part of our Vault community at the Modern Day Wife.