The Vault Member Spotlight: Kristina McInnis

The Vault Member Spotlight: Kristina McInnis

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 29 September, 2022

Kristina McInnis is the CEO & Founder of KCMCONNECT, a digital marketing agency. She is also a Blogger, Influencer and Podcast Host for Gen Z women.

We interviewed Krisina, one of our Vault Members, to get the full lowdown on what she does and why she's so successful.

Here is what Kristina had to say: “After years of helping brands grow their businesses and years of developing my skills, I made the leap to creating a full service marketing agency. KCMCONNECT is a small diverse team of talented, savvy women from across the United States. Combining our various experiences and skills, we operate like a think tank when we get together. Using our collective experience, we hustle hard to help business owners streamline their business operations, make it relevant, and market effectively to their exact ideal audience. Our goal is to help dreamers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders take their brand to new heights.”

She was prompted to create her own brand as she has always had a passion for marketing. “I established an agency where I could work with talented business owners and team members that all bring their strengths to the table. Owning an agency, it’s truly a collaborative effort working with my team. I’m so proud of how we’ve grown.”

We asked what makes her brand unique as there are tons of digital marketing agencies, influencer management agencies, social media marketing agencies -- it's honestly hard to keep track on what is what and what we really need. Kristina says, “As a full-service agency, we offer everything that an entrepreneur or business could need. Our offerings include online/social media marketing, content creation, SEO/SEM support, brand activations, events, branding, influencer marketing and podcast development. People also get the experience of working with our all-women identifying team — and that’s part of the product. We are dedicated, diverse in personality and skill, and create a unique experience for clients. We infuse heart into everything that we do. We are personal, and aim to support each and every client in appealing to their audience. We make our clients feel seen, think logically and build sustainably. Our approach is not a one-size-fits-all, because every business is distinct. By helping businesses own their voice, and identify their audience, we help them build brands that are profitable and popular.” We love her brand's approach to encompass a variety of factors in advertising and marketing.

We asked Kristina what she loves most about her brand and her work. She says, “We love being able to help businesses gain relevancy and influence in their niche. As KCMCONNECT’s Founder, I’ve had the privilege to work with many high caliber brands, and it’s been an honor to work with entrepreneurs and team members who’ve built multi million dollar businesses! The more you’re around large thinkers, the more their mindset and motivation in business and in life rubs off on you. In addition, I believe that everything we do as a digital marketing agency is purposeful and makes an impact. Working with a team of talented women is also great, because there is a sense of community and collaboration in working towards a common goal. Every time we get together, it’s an enjoyable and meaningful experience as we’re building something that lasts.” 

Kristina provided us with tips on how to be more balanced within the workplace and outside of work. Here's what she had to say: “When it comes to work-life balance, it’s about three components: Priorities, boundaries and self-care. When I built my business, I built it around my values and that keeps me grounded to remember what’s important. For me, it’s important to have work-life balance and to stick to my strengths. If something is a time-suck or not in my zone of genius for me, I delegate accordingly to someone who has that exact skill set. Balance looks different to every single person, but it’s important to establish self-care routines. For me, self care looks like taking care of my health, sleeping well, developing healthy habits and nourishing my body with food that’s nutritious and delicious. I also prioritize time to explore and enjoy Los Angeles — because there’s so much this city offers from the incredible food, nightlife & views. The city has a great pulse and you never know who you’ll meet one day that could potentially change your life!” 

Although Kristina is a confident individual with a successful business she too has faced adversity in terms of her career, “As a CEO, I must say that I’m a resilient solutions-oriented person, which I think has worked out for me in life and in business. Whenever I face a hurdle, I tell myself: I can figure this out. There’s a solution for this. If not, I can pivot or adapt so that I can work through this adversity.” We admire Kristina’s problem solving skills and her resilience to address an issue and make things work out for her.

We have loved getting to know more about Kristina and her business. You can keep up with her and KCMCONNECT on Instagram: @kristinacatherinemcinnis.