The Vault Member Spotlight: Lucy Ruffalo

The Vault Member Spotlight: Lucy Ruffalo

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 29 September, 2022

Meet Vault Member Lucy Ruffalo! Lucy is a middle school teacher and the owner of a cosmetic teeth whitening business located in the Los Angeles.

Lucy was inspired to create this business as she is a working, single mom, and she soon realized that it can become difficult to extend grace and self-care to oneself. She describes this, “I was tired of the monotony and routine, I decided to explore ways to take care of myself and help other working moms and women along the way. Because time is of the essence, extra pampering is a luxury for a working woman or mom. This is what compelled me to create my brand.”

Lucy’s brand Luxe Femme Care provides cosmetic teeth whitening services- spa style. She says, “I use a professional grade teeth whitening product that contains carbide peroxide." She says her business is unique from any other, “Self-care is a luxury for most women, especially working moms. Our teeth whitening provides instant results- on your teeth, smile, and in your confidence. My spa style service can be experienced in the luxury of the client's home, at the beauty boutique, or my home. I deliver accommodating services for all types of clients.” Love this!

We asked Lucy what she loves most about her company: “I love brightening client smiles, and helping them feel confident about smiling and showing teeth. In a world of selfies and capturing a perfect moment that lasts forever (photos), having white teeth is extremely important.” We love Lucy’s passion for wanting to help others feel good about themselves!

Lucy also shared some tips for balancing career, relationships and social life, “Balance is key. I believe what has helped me balance it all is keeping a calendar and a daily to-do checklist. I also empower myself by praying, reading scripture, listening to empowering podcasts and videos, and extending grace to myself when I feel low.” 

Lucy details a time when she faced a challenge and how she overcame it. “After my split with my ex-husband, I had to start all over again in Los Angeles. I had just moved back from living abroad and I wasn't in the best mental state. I was able to land a well paying teaching job, but I just wasn't performing at an exemplary level. I was let go and had to look for another teacher job again. This was difficult because it was the first time I had been let go from a position and I was devastated. What did I do? I sulked for a little bit but then sought out advice from my mother and a highly respected mentor I had at the time. What I didn't know at the time was that losing this job was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I shifted my perspective and had to become open-minded to my situation. I started to notice that the door that had to be closed, actually opened up a better one. One key point is that I never stopped moving forward. I did not let this experience stop me from seeking what was meant for me.  Fast forward, I am teaching at a California Gold Ribbon School five minutes away from my home! Sometimes failure is a set up for success.” Super inspiring, right?

Connect with Lucy and learn more about Luxe Femme Care on Instagram - visit @luxefemmecare.