The Vault Member Spotlight: Destiny Bradd

The Vault Member Spotlight: Destiny Bradd

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 March, 2022

Destiny Bradd is a young entrepreneur that recently created a social event brand based in Phoenix, Arizona called Girls Night Out AZ. Destiny was prompted to create her brand as she noticed it was hard to find a safe place in which women could go out to drink alone or even with friends to have fun, and not worry about safety issues of going out or getting hit on.

She has created monthly social events for women with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to have fun! Girls Night Out AZ is unique as monthly themed events are planned that have some type of value for women- to inspire, learn, create, & more! Destiny describes the overall environment as super unique and she says, “I haven’t found any organized event business like this in the market in the Phoenix area."

We asked Destiny what she loves most about her job and her company, and she responded, “I love getting women together to make them feel empowered in a judgment free zone to have fun and make new friends!”

Destiny also gave us some tips on how to stay balanced between a career and social life: “Always stay busy but with focus and without burnout. Take time for yourself to fill your own cup so you can fill up others cups!”

We also asked Destiny to tell us a story of a time she faced adversity in her career. She shared, “I’ve had some men make fun of my idea simply because they don’t understand what women have to go through going out. But I have met so many women that see the vision and love what I am doing that I won’t stop!” Destiny is clearly a driven woman with a mission to help other women out, and her company and efforts are remarkable. 

Strong women like Destiny who create change for other women are what the Modern Day Wife community is all about. We are delighted to have her as a member of The Vault community as well! You can check out her company and their upcoming events on Instagram: