The Vault Member Spotlight: Tracey Kearse

The Vault Member Spotlight: Tracey Kearse

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 07 March, 2022

We had the opportunity to chat with Tracey Kearse the founder of AcARRE™️, a skincare and haircare brand. Tracey has been developing skincare and haircare for the past 18 years. While working for a skin and hair care company, Tracey was approached by a friend looking for a product that she could use on her scalp. At this time, Tracey’s sister also came forward requesting a high-quality multi-use product for her face and scalp. These inquiries planted the seed for Tracey to develop a product with multiple uses for skin and hair. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the decision to begin her own company was a natural one, and soon AcARRE™️ was formed.

AcARRE™️ is a brand with multi-use bioactive beauty products that bring balance to the scalp and skin. The products are unique as AcARRE™️ uses bio-active ingredients that rebalance the microbiome, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin and scalp for aging prevention/aging beautifully. Products contain a rich source of ingredients for purity and sustainability from plant biodiversity. Tracey told us how she loves creating products that “have a direct impact on consumers and the environment. I also love the flexibility I have in creating new ideas." 

We asked Tracey about how to stay balanced with a career and social life. She said, “I always make a to-do list for the day to keep myself balanced. Also, I have stuck to working between 9am-5pm during the week in order to balance it all and make time for everything I want to do.” Tracey clearly has a good work-life balance and this is surely something many of us can benefit from. 

Tracey also gave us some insight on a hurdle she recently faced in her career. She says, “A hurdle I faced was at the onset of COVID; I was running low on inventory and my supplier was completely out of stock and did not know when they would have inventory again. I had to start over in finding another supplier, which was quite the task as I kept coming across packaging that leaked. I thought at one point I was going to have to close the site till I found another supplier. However, I was able to find a packaging supplier just before running out of inventory. One thing I learned is to always have a backup to the backup because these days we never know what may happen.” Although Tracey did have to overcome this obstacle in such a difficult time, her and her company have come out stronger on the other end. 

We are proud to have Tracey as a member of The Vault community. You can check out her brand’s website and also on Instagram: @acarrebeauty