The Vault Member Spotlight: Kathrine Love

The Vault Member Spotlight: Kathrine Love

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 15 March, 2022

Kathrine Love is a baker based in Inglewood, CA. She is the owner and baker for Stuff’t. Kathrine was prompted to create her brand as she has always had a passion for food. While in culinary school she took her first baking class and fell in love. During the pandemic Kathrine began making bread for sale when she was talking to a friend who mentioned that she hadn't had a dessert in a year because of the diet she was on. Kathrine began hunting down recipes and found one that her friend liked, and got inspired to create more recipes with her own flair. 

At Stuff’t, Kathrine makes keto, vegan and traditional desserts. The most popular items are lemon bars (available keto or traditional) and cheesecake jars (available vegan, keto, or traditional). Stuff’t products are unique because Kathrine enjoys using familiar flavor palettes in ways you may not have tried them before. For example she made a sweet potato cheesecake jar based off of the flavors of candied yams!

We asked Kathrine what she loves most about what she does, and she said, “The thing I love most about what I do is the smile and excitement my customers have when I bring them their orders.” She also gave us some insight on balancing a career along with relationships: “Time management is very important. I am a mom (of 3), I homeschool my oldest, I'm a wife, and a small business owner. Those are all important to me and so I make sure that each hat gets my attention. Keeping my schedule together is super helpful to making sure nothing gets neglected.” 

Kathrine also told us about a time she faced adversity with her business, “Before the pandemic hit I was a caterer. When the quarantine was instituted I had to figure out how to pivot my business to something I could do within the confines of it. I saw that bread was a hot commodity at the time and not everyone had the time or desire to make it themselves. So I did. It worked out pretty well for me and was a great lesson in staying flexible in my business.” It is inspiring to see how she turned a complex situation into something that worked for her and others. 

We enjoyed getting to know Kathrine and are so happy to have her as part of the Modern Day Wife community! You can follow Stuff’t on Instagram: @stufftwithlove to see more of what Kathrine is cooking up!