The Vault Member Spotlight: Tatyana Figueiredo

The Vault Member Spotlight: Tatyana Figueiredo

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 15 March, 2022

Tatyana Figueiredo is an actress from Brazil and has been acting for over 15 years in Brazil and the United States. Tatyana has also pursued another career in creating and sharing vegan recipes online on her cooking Instagram: @tatytable. She has created this brand out of her love for travel and cooking, and enjoys sharing these passions with everyone! 

Tatyana focuses on recipe creations, and creates travel and couple-based content with her husband! Her recipes and ideas are unique because they are from her. Tatyana says, “I think everyone has their own unique way of doing things and showing how they see the world from their perspective, and if people like that perspective or creativity, they want to follow along and see more of it.” It seems like she uses her food creations as a creative outlet, “I love what I do because it brings me peace. It helps me mentally."

We asked Tatyana for some tips on staying balanced and motivated when it comes to work, here’s what she recommends, “The best tip I can give is that if you really want to do a certain thing, you will make time for it. Find that thing that gives you that kind of motivation. You can feel lost or unmotivated until you find that one thing, and you will put your everything into it!”

She also gave us insight into one of the biggest hurdles she has had to face. “It was hard coming to the US as an actress and wanting to continue my career here since I didn't speak a word of English! I came to the US without learning English first, and decided to learn while here. I think going to another country without knowing the language is a difficult task for anyone, but for me that is one of the things I am most proud of overcoming.” 

We have enjoyed getting to know more about Tatyana and her journey with her two careers. Make sure to follow her food and recipe page on Instagram: @tatytable