The Vault Member Spotlight: Louise Audino

The Vault Member Spotlight: Louise Audino

  • By - The Modern Day Wife
  • 23 October, 2022

Louise Audino is a swimwear designer for her business, Mrs. A Swim, a made-to-order swimwear line that she creates from her home studio in LA. Louise was prompted to create her brand as she has always been creative. She started her career in fashion 20 years ago as a product developer for some of Australia's top boutique brands.

She explains her journey, “Moving to the States I took some time to freelance before becoming a full time mom. I treasured that time with my son, yet now that he has started school, I figured it was time to let my creative energy out again and start on a project that has been on the back of my mind for years! Swimwear reminds me of endless summers, vacations and good times spent with family and friends. I remember laying eyes on my first Zimmermann bikini, one particular summer back home in Australia, and their distinctive designs have inspired me ever since. So I dusted off the sewing machine, refreshed my knowledge on construction and design, ignored the 'you can’t do this' thoughts and jumped right in.” 

Mrs. A Swim consists of customizable reversible swimwear. The collection also has separate tops and bottoms with some one-pieces and cover up options too. Louise tells us, “I have also developed swim leggings, designed to sculpt whilst being sun safe.They are like Spanx for the beach!

Louise gave us some insight on why her business is unique and different, “I think my fabrications are quite unique. When sourcing fabric I try to look for interesting textures or finishes that bring a certain edge to the collection. Throughout the design process I also strive to create a concise design capsule, reflective of high end brands, that I feel is also different from most handmade brands out there.”

We asked Louise what she loves most about what she does and about her company. Here is what she had to say, “I love the design process first and foremost. I enjoy selecting the fabrics, and deciding on the prints and colors that come together to create a story. I also love my happy customers, and hearing and seeing how great my swimwear has made them feel.”

Louise also gave us some tips on creating a more balanced lifestyle, she says, “Know your priorities and stick with them as much as possible. Set boundaries with yourself and others. Create a schedule that allows for flexibility and time around the things that are most important to you - like spending time with family and self care. I find tipping the scale towards doing things that bring you joy for the most part of your day (even something as simple as listening to your favorite music, whilst doing something ‘mundane’) will allow that feeling and energy to be carried through into all aspects of life.”

To conclude we asked Louise about any hurdles she has faced with her business directly. She tells us, "There isn’t one thing in particular that comes to mind - however thoughts of self doubt, lack of motivation, creative blocks and struggles with life balance are always present and challenging at the best of times. I find taking the time to tune out of any distractions, people, or things that are bringing me down and tune into myself with the things that I enjoy, will ultimately bring me back to my passion and creative energy." We appreciate Louise's honesty and her genuine responses!

You can keep up with more of her and her swimwear brand Mrs. A Swim on Instagram: @mrsaswim